45 Things to do when your bored

Sometimes life can just get a bit down, we get bored and stagnant in our daily routines. Nothing on Netflix takes your fancy, you have the same old dinners and we’ve not made plans to do anything on the weekend. Luckily I am here to tell you there are so many different ways to get rid of that boredom and try to make life a bit more fun, meaningful and positive.

//01 Take a bath

Not just any bath, bath bomb, bath salts and bubbles. Pop your phone on aeroplane mode and watch a happy go lucky film or listen to some of your favourite music.

//02 Try out a new recipe

Find something you’ve always wanted to try or your favourite restaurant meal and give it a go of making it yourself. Cooking can be so therapeutic and you might find a new staple in your weekly menu plan.

//03 Clean out your wardrobe

Get rid of all your old out of date clothes and ones that no longer fit. Pop them in a bag and give them to charity.

//04 Call your grandparents

Your grandparents would really appreciate a phone call and it’s so important to stay in contact with family. Believe me it will make their day, give you something to do and make you feel a lot happier and family orientated after.

//05 Wash all the windows and mirrors

This chore is one that is often forgotten and you don’t realise how dirty they get until you’ve cleaned them and see all the muck on the cloth. Go on, off you go!

//06 Start learning a new language

You’re never too old to learn a new language, there are so many amazing free options like the Duolingo app. I’m currently learning french and I love it!

//07 Start a herb garden

Plant some herbs in nice plant pots and tend to them and watch them grow. Then as you are cooking you can just cut off what you need and won’t have to buy them ever again. A good collection to start with is Rosemary, Sage, Basil. Parsley and Coriander.

//08 Bake 

Chocolate chip cookies, healthy cookies, lemon drizzle cake or whatever your favourite is. Spend the afternoon and make some delicious treats. You can then visit family or friends take over your goodies to have with tea and a catch up.

//09 Help out your friend

People struggle sometimes and need a hand. Find a friend in need and help them clean their house, listen to their worries or take over some dinner for them.

//10 Look at animal adoption sites

Browse the RSPCA or whatever your local adoption centre is for your perfect pet that you want to add to your family. Make sure you are 100% ready for the commitment and responsibility of an animal before you adopt.

//11 Do a workout

There is so many on Youtube, yoga, dance work outs and more. Push yourself to do it and you’ll feel so much better after.

//12 Visit a museum

Most of them are free and you can spend a good couple hours exploring the exhibits and most likely there will be a cute cafe you can pop in after for a cuppa and cake.

//13 Check all of your utilities 

Have a look through all of your bills, most of the time you will revert onto a more expensive tariff without even realising. Browse through or give them a call and see how much money you can save a month just by changing tariffs or suppliers. One time I saved £127 a month from just reviewing them all.

//14 Update your CV

Even if you don’t want a new job right now, it’s best to keep it updated. If you come to the point where you are looking for a new job it’s hard to remember all your successes and could miss important things.

//15 Support a local small business

Do some research of small businesses in your area, find something that interests you and make a purchase. It means so much to small business owner.

//16 Go through the pictures on your phone

Delete anything you don’t need/want and create more space. Favourite the ones you adore and get them printed so you can frame and display them.

//17 Have a spa day

Pamper yourself with a bath, face mask and hair mask. Give yourself a pedicure and manicure and then finish the day with a healthy dinner and get your partner to give you a massage.

//18 Go to a pick your own farm

There are so many pick your own farms about now. It’s fun for all the family, you can pick your favourite in season fruits and vegetables then create some delicious recipes with what you got.

//19 Sort through your pantry/food cupboards

There is bound to be some very old out of date things stuck at the back of the cupboards. Clear them out, wipe down the surfaces and reorganise them in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Take a before and after picture to see how much difference you’ve made.

//20 Take up a new hobby

There are so many things to choose from, sewing, painting, knitting, gardening, photography and so much more. Choose one and give it a go for a month or 2 before you give up.

//21 Watch a classic old black and white movie

Make sure to choose something you will enjoy or maybe the film version of one of your favourite books. One of my favourite old black and white movies is Great Expectations, I adore the book and the film is just amazing.

//22 Make a new Spotify playlist

Choose some of your favourite songs right now and mix in with some of your old school favourites to create an amazing play list for your next long car journey or to have on simply when you are cleaning the house.

//23 Go for a walk

It will do wonders for your mindset, get some fresh air in your lungs and being around nature is just so calming.

//24 Create some cocktails

Whether you do this buy yourself or with some friends, practice your mixology skills and create some of your favourite cocktails. You could even create one yourself and give it a new name!

//25 Batch cook a meal 

Choose one of your favourite dishes, it could be chilli, curry or simple chicken and veg and batch cook it for the week so you have some delicious things ready to go. Pop some in the freezer for when you get home and just can’t be bothered to cook.

//26 Start a photo album

Get your favourite photo printed and start a photo album that you can look back on at all the amazing memories you have made.

//27 Deep clean the fridge

It might look a bit grimy, need some organising and sprucing up. You can get so many organisers on amazon or eBay to put your produce in. Take everything out, give it a good scrub and organise it. I love looking at fridge and pantry organisation on Pinterest, you’d be surprised how much it will make you want to start cleaning!

//28 Clean your make up brushes

They are probably disgusting and could do with a clean. Trust me!

//29 Live stream the Northern Lights

Yep, you can now live stream the aurora borealis in the comfort of your own home!

//30 Host a themed quiz night

Choose a topic you and your friends love, whether thats Harry Potter, The Simpsons or General knowledge. Put together an exciting list of questions and have a fun and friendly quiz in person or on Zoom if you need to. You can all dress up and make it really fun.

//31 Do some colouring

Adult colouring books are very relaxing and you can get them with basically any theme now, swear words, Disney villains and so much more.

//32 Learn something new for free

There are so many mini courses online now. You can choose a topic, learn something new and even get an online certificate at the end. I use FutureLearn and they have so many free courses.

//33 Watch a Documentary

There are so many weird and wonderful documentaries out there. You can go for the classic David Attenborough, but Netflix have so many others!

//34 Watch animals at the zoo live

You can see the Panda at Edinburgh Zoo, Elephants at Dublin Zoo and so many more!

//35 Start planning your next holiday

Do some research on places you want to visit and the best attractions in that area. With how 2020 has been we all need a nice getaway to look forward to. Mine will be a classic British seaside, fish and chips, playing at the beach and buying some stick of rock!

//36 Organise your phone apps

Get rid of games you don’t play anymore, put them together in folders and you’ll save storage on your phone.

//37 Unsubscribe from emails

Go through all those emails you get spammed with and unsubscribe from lists you aren’t interested in anymore.

//38 Write a list of things your grateful for

Focus on positive things in your life, the little things and people that make you happy.

//39 Replace something in your house that needs updating

From something small like new tea towels to replace your grubby ones to getting a new dining set to make the dining room look more glam.

//40 Head to your nearest beach for the day

It might be a long day but get the tunes on in the car and some road trip snacks, explore the beach and have a classic fish and chips while playing in the waves and taking some pictures to remember the day.

//41 Play your favourite video game

There are free ones on the internet, go for the classic Sims or if you have a console go for that.

//42 Get out the board games

Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting away from screens and playing some good old fashioned board games.

//43 Explore local charity shops

You are likely to find some wonderful bargains in there!

//44 Plan a dinner party

Get your friends over, cook some delicious food and have a good time.

//45 Keep in touch with friends

Check on them, send a quick message to see how they are and let them know you’re thinking about them. It’s so easy to let time pass by and life get in the way.




  1. January 16, 2021 / 1:21 pm

    These are such lovely ideas Emily. Plenty to keep us occupied over LD0.3!! I know I need all the inspiration I can get right now.

    Although my weekends tend to be blog writing time!

  2. January 16, 2021 / 2:01 pm

    I’ll be taking inspiration from this list!! What with limited days out available I am always looking for ideas to keep myself occupied. Thank you so many great tips

  3. January 17, 2021 / 9:16 pm

    Some fab tips in there Emily, thanks. Have you found any good workouts on youtube for beginners that you’d recommend?

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