Keeping busy in Lockdown 2.0 | Winter Edition

It’s getting colder, people are fed up with Covid but unfortunately it’s not a quick fix. So focusing on our wellbeing and keeping busy is a must this month. I did an Autumn Lockdown list which you guys loved!

So here are some top things to do during lockdown to feel a bit festive, happy and warm inside.

  • Make a blanket fort and put on your favourite winter films
  • Layer up and go for a walk in the woods (you can collect some things for crafts as well)
  • Make some phone calls and check in on friends and family.
  • Make gingerbread cookies
  • Write your Christmas cards
  • Do some online Christmas shopping, support local and small businesses. Also look out for the Black Friday sales!
  • Drink hot chocolate and have melted marshmallows and cream
  • Have a family board game night, my favourites are big potato games.
  • Sort through old toys or junk you have to make space for the Christmas presents
  • Read a Christmas book
  • Make your own Christmas crackers
  • Make mince pies because you can never have enough
  • Have a lazy morning with breakfast in bed and Disney movies
  • Put your decorations up early! We did when we felt down one day and it made the weekend so festive and happy. I love it!

Lets stay positive and hope that this lockdown doesn’t get extended, we can do some Christmas shopping in December and have a family Christmas day! We need roast potatoes, sprouts, board games and quality family time to finish off this strange year. What else are you planning on getting up to during lockdown? Share your ideas in the comments below so we can all do them!

I’m already planning things I want to do in 2021 because I’m hoping and praying it will be better than 2020. I mean it has to be right? It can’t get worse. I’ll be posting that on here too so I can update it and keep track of what I have done and what I need to do. I know it’s early but I like looking forward especially to more positive times. 


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