Christmas Vegan Chocolate Choices

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This years popularity for vegan options has skyrocketed. I am so happy about it as I am dairy intolerant, seeing the wide range of chocolate treats that has come out really doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing out anymore. When I first became dairy intolerant there certainly wasn’t a lot of choice. Since becoming a mother as well I have heard about so many children with dairy intolerance too. Brands have developed vegan options, vegan chocolate companies have arisen and are taking over! Christmas is no different and there is so many vegan Christmas chocolate to choose from. I have picked out some of my favourite treats to share with you so you can get them for your vegan or dairy intolerant friend. Perfect for stocking fillers!

Doisy and Dam

This is one of my all time favourite brands any way. They brought out dark vegan chocolate alternatives which resemble maltesers and smarties. They taste incredible and are very moreish! For Christmas they have brought out The Christmas Mix box which has all the favourites, chocolate buttons, crunchy ballers and chocolate drops. You get 10 snack bags in which will last a good while! They also have brought out Jingle Ballers which are like the crunchy ballers but are chocolate orange flavour. You always need a bit of orange chocolate at Christmas. It’s just the rules!



Nomo is so popular at the moment and you can see why from the picture. They have recently released some gooey caramel vegan chocolate bars as well as a gift box of caramel drops which are a perfect Christmas present. This is a product that was really missing from the vegan chocolate market and every went nuts about them when they were released. They are probably my favourite vegan chocolate bar now. I really missed the caramel dairy milk bars when I was no longer able to have dairy and now I couldn’t care less! I have my NOMO. All of their products are amazing, the creamy milk chocolate bar is so good you won’t even know it’s vegan. I can’t wait to recreate my cookie recipe with the caramel drops in for chewy caramel cookies.


Plamil is a new brand I discovered recently, they certainly aren’t as well known as some other brands but they still have some amazing options. So many Christmas specific ones as well, make sure to check them out. I have got some big bars to try out their different flavours from mint, orange to the classic white chocolate. These will be perfect to use for some festive hot chocolates to pair with a film!

Mummy Meagz

I came across this brand last easter as they brought out the first ever vegan cream eggs which I thoroughly enjoyed they even brought out a halloween version too! I couldn’t wait to see what they had for Christmas and they did not disappoint. They have a bursting bauble which is a chocolate ball filled with marshmallows which melts into a hot chocolate drink, as well as the spoon stirring hot chocolate as well (in the picture) which I can’t wait to try! I know my little one will try and steal it I’m sure. They have vegan advent calendars, salted caramel filled chocolate snow man and so much more!

Moo Free

I think one of the more known vegan chocolate brands, with their small characters chocolate bars for kids and delicious truffles, you’re bound to of seen them about. Christmas is no exception and I was over the moon when I found this Moo Free selection box in Aldi I had to pick it up and pop it away for nearer Christmas time. They also have a vegan white chocolate advent calendar this year and more. Make sure to check them out!


Vegan Christmas chocolate

I’m certainly for chocolate for a while so I doubt I will get much for Christmas but it is nice to not feel left out anymore. I think that the vegan options are only going to get bigger and bigger. People get ready for a change and some delicious new foods to try!


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