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I have never been to a virtual event before and had no idea what to expect but I was thrilled that I could be glammed up for an event and still stay in my slippers. It was a new experience and certainly one I can get on board with!

The start of the event we all logged on patiently and was greeted by the PR team and Jasper from Moonpig who walked us through the app and the amazing features it had. Some things I didn’t know that was offered and I only used it the week before! You can see the Fathers Day Card I ordered above!

On the app now you can find lovely message pre-written ranging from heartfelt to hilarious. So you can craft the perfect card in no time. You also now have the option of putting your own scribbles in the card which will be perfect for when you have little ones who want to write something or draw a little doodle. You snap it on your phone and it adjusts it and adds it into the card. I do use Moonpig a lot, I love their designs and the loyalty card they have so after so many purchases you get a free card! I used my last free card to send my bestie a lockdown miss you card which was greatly appreciated her end!ACS_1981acs_1983acs_1985acs_1986

Then we moved onto to the super exciting bit. The Cocktail Masterclass with James from Mix & Twist. We had all our supplies delivered the day before so we were ready with the gear. Thank goodness for James as I had no idea what I was doing. Here are the drinks we made in case you fancy having a go yourself! The Gin we used can be found in the gifts section on Moonpig.

  1. Gin Garden – 45 Gin, 25 Lime juice, 25 sugar syrup, mint, cucumber, soda top (build method)
  2. Elderflower Collins – 45 Gin, 45 Lemon, 25 sugar syrup, elderflower soda (shake and pour)
  3. Strawberry Gimlet – 3-4 Strawberries mashed, 45 gin, 25 lime, 25 sugar syrup, 25 cranberry juice (shake and strain)

They were delicious but my favourite would have to be the Gin garden as it really resembles a Mojito which is my all time favourite.


After we were 3 gins down, probably done it in the wrong order we moved onto a Flower arranging class from Roxanne at Moonpig. It was so nice to do though and I learned so many great tips on how to make my bouquets last longer and look so beautiful. Sending someone flowers, in times like this especially, can brighten their day up so much more than you would realise. So next time you’re thinking of your bestie or loved one, pop onto Moonpig and send some flowers – spread the smiles and make the moments matter.

Download the app here.

Have you sent anything to loved ones in the post the last few weeks? Let me know in the comments below!



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