How To Take Your Instagram Aesthetic To The Next Level


//01 Apps & presets!

There are quite a few apps you can use to make using Instagram look a lot better. For editing you can use A Colour Story or Lightroom. They are quite easy to use to using and you can save (or buy) presets. I think presets are every blogger and influencers dream. It takes the relentless time of editing images and making sure they look similar. You just add the preset to all your picture you take and hey presto! They all are edited perfectly, they look similar and when all bunched together on instagram have a similar theme.

//02 Themes, yay or nay?

Some people like themed instagrams and some people don’t. I think as a blogger perspective it is always needed. Being a blogger you are your own brand. Brands have set colours to identify themselves. You want someone to mindless browse through instagram and notice your edit and colours and know its your image. It will pop out to them and hopefully get them to engage more with you.

A good way to start a theme is choose your blogger brand palette, 3-4 colours that you want included in almost every photo. It doesn’t have to be everywhere but just a bit so it all flows nicely. Mine are nudes, greens and mustard yellow and sometimes red. It all fits in nicely with my cosy blogger theme which excels a lot more in Autumn where it fits better.

An easy way to introduce a colour theme is maybe have items and prop for images like flat lays that fit. That way if you are posting about something that doesn’t always go with your theme you can play around with it.


//03 Look at the bigger picture!

It is so much easier to get your Instagram looking amazing by having a look at it as a preview and moving pictures around to see what fits better. You can do this with A Colour Story I mentioned before it is including on the bottom right side when you sign in and when you have edited an image you can add it to the grid preview and see how it fits with things you have already posted. You can also use Preview: Planner for Instagram and Feedr.

Another thing I would say is always have about 2 posts saved, planned and ready to go. When things have gone wrong or I’ve gotten ill, having some in the bank has been a lifesaver! Which also moves me onto my next point…


//04 I’m too busy!

If you are super busy like me and love Instagram but can’t sit and post and write captions during your peak times of audience, do not fear! Use something like Hootsuite or Buffer and plan the week of posts to go when you have some time. Maybe a Sunday night after you’ve had a big dinner and are mindlessly scrolling through instagram? Go on Hootsuite and schedule the posts for the week. One less thing to worry about.

//05 Don’t slack on the Stories!

Edit your stories in the same way about 50% of the time. Use 50% of edited and perfectly positioned captions ready to go and the other 50% of you engaging, talking or just going about your daily life. It fits it all in together nicely and gives your audience a peak behind the scenes of the wonderful person creating this outstanding content.

What tips have you got for your instagram account? Let me know in the comments below so we can all try them out!



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