Date Night Ideas At Home

Date nights overall seem to have come to a stop but they don’t have to and not long til we will be back at restaurants. Now more then ever we need to solidify those relationships, spend quality time and let our other halves no how much they mean to us and that we are here for them. This is a testing time for couples especially as there’s no real break from each other and even the strongest relationships can suffer. I have enjoyed date nights in at home and plan to continue them!

Obviously you can have a walk by yourself and do your own thing. I have seen Louise Thompson who’s now a online personal trainer but got her claim to fame from Made in Chelsea have set times apart from her partner so they can come together in the evening and enjoy each other’s company more. (Obviously kids and stuff can get in the way of that)

Here are some great things to do after the kids have gone to bed:

//01 Date night dinner

Not just the normal dinner, something special, something you don’t have all the time like steak maybe? Pop some music on, make dinner together then sit down and enjoy it while have a relaxed chat. You could even go one step further and make a home made dessert, something like chocolate covered strawberries are easy and a perfect date night treat.

//02 Board game night

Everyone loves board games and they are for more than just rainy days. Perfect for all of the family really. Big Potato games kindly gifted us these games to keep us occupied and we love them. They have some board games just for adults which are perfect for date nights or even a zoom party where you can all play it together. We already have some of their other games, they seem to think outside the box when creating games so you know you are getting top quality games. Our favourite from the ones they sent over was ‘Weird Things Humans Search For’.


//03 Cinema experience at home

Go the extra mile from just putting a film on and lounging on the sofa, get in your most glam comfies, pop some fresh popcorn whether thats your own kernels or one of the microwavable bags. Just so you have the smell of the popcorn engulfing the room which gives it a real cinema vibe. Turn off the lights, get comfy and cuddle up and choose a film you both haven’t seen before. Go full out, get some fairy lights on, make some hot chocolate or have a glass of wine. Have an over the top film night in to make it extra special.

What things would you do for date night at home? Let me know in the comments below!



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