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Learning how to accessorize with jewellery is so important if you want to take your outfits to the next level. But one thing that people often get wrong is layering necklaces. It’s a great way to customize your own style and do something more interesting with your jewellery, but it’s important that you know how to balance different styles and match them with your outfit. If you want to try layering your necklaces, here are a few tips to help you get the right look. 

Combine Different Necklace Styles 

The beauty of layering necklaces is that you can combine different styles to create a brand new look. If you experiment with contrasting styles, you can find a combination that is unique to you. For example, why not try a simple chain with a Gold evil eye necklace to bring it to life? The mix of traditional styles and bold colours works brilliantly. It’s also important to use different styles of chain, so mix up beads, rope, cable, and snake necklaces. Not only does this give you more variety, but it also helps to prevent tangling, which can be a big problem when layering necklaces. 

Combine Different Lengths 

If you wear necklaces that are all the same length, they will all sit on top of each other and it will feel a bit messy and cluttered. If you are trying to make a statement with your jewellery, it is important that you allow each piece to stand out on its own, which is why you need to combine different lengths of necklace. Start out with a piece that sits close to your neck, and then build downwards from there. If you have a piece that you really want to wear but it isn’t the right length, you can get chain extenders to make it longer. 

Use A Bar Necklace  

When you are layering necklaces, you have a lot of freedom to experiment with different styles and lengths. However, you should add a bar necklace to your collection because it’s perfect when you are layering. A bar necklace forms a good dividing point between shorter and longer necklaces, and you can easily engrave them for a more personal look. 

Consider Your Neckline 

Whenever you are wearing a necklace, it’s so important that you consider the neckline of your top and make sure that the style of necklace matches with it. The same is true when you are layering necklaces. If you match a chunky statement piece with a high neckline, that works well, but it may not look as good if you have a low neckline. You should also consider the patterns and colours on your clothes when choosing necklaces as well. Matching different styles of necklace is good, but you need to make sure that all of them match with your outfit. If you are wearing a bright floral patterned dress, for example, you can get away with more colour on your jewellery. However, if you are wearing a plain black top, try to go for more understated styles. 

Once you start layering necklaces, you open up a world of possibilities. If you follow these rules, you can make sure that you get the right look every time. 


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