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Sometimes ‘business’ can feel like a dirty word when it comes to blogging. After all, most bloggers do it because they love sharing stories, advice and an insight into their lives – not because they want to become millionaires. However, many bloggers do make money through various avenues, and this makes their blog into… a business! Of course, running a blogging business can hardly feel like work, as you are often talking about areas that you love, and would share regardless of profit.

As such a wonderful way to make a living, it’s no wonder so many people are interested in starting a blog, often in amazing varieties of topics and themes. If you’re looking to start a blog – or if you already have a blog that you’re looking to turn into a business – there are some simple resources that can really help you get organized. Turning your hobby and creative outlet into your way of life is challenging, but it has huge rewards – good luck!


It may seem counter-intuitive; after all, blogs are all about writing, right? However, images are massively important to creating a beautiful and enticing site that people will want to read, and companies will want to work with. Make sure you have a good quality camera if you’re taking your own photos, and even look at photography courses to really increase your skills. There are also some amazing free stock image websites you can use to illustrate your posts and keep people reading.

Documents and Templates

If you want to make your site as attractive as possible, it’s time to get organized with the design of your blog posts. If you write them out in documents beforehand, you can make sure the format is exactly as you want before you upload anything for the world to see! It’s also worth investing in professional business software to help manage templates – is a great way to do this, and to share those templates if you have any collaborators or guest bloggers you want to involve.


Say goodbye to wordpress and wix, the most important resource for a blogger is a professional, fully customizable website, one you can make truly your own. There are hundreds of hosting services out there, but is a great and popular option with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require coding skills whilst allowing you to completely design your website as needed.

Website Tracking

Not to get too technical with numbers, but knowing how many people have visited your website, which pages they have looked at and how long they have spent there can be an invaluable way to know if you are serving your community – and what people might want to see more of! Google Analytics is a good tool for website tracking, or there are a host of alternatives you can research. Used wisely, you can also see if any particular companies have been visiting you, and use this to reach out for sponsorships or potential advertising deals.



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