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I had the absolute pleasure of staying at The Ramada hotel again near Valentines day in February which was the perfect staycation without all the faff of going to another city. It was such a nice getaway for Valentines. It would be perfect for any occasion really to just give yourself a break and a bit of luxury.

Last time I stayed there I was on the 15th floor, this time we were on the 16th floor so just that little bit higher. I still can’t get over the breathtaking view. It makes the city look so different and you can appreciate it in a different way.


After we settled in the room, I had a relax on the sofa watching the storm pass over the city with the big windows and being so high up it was an amazing view to see. We booked dinner at The Queens Road Restaurant. After heading down, we were seated in a comfy seating section with a glorious royal dog artwork above us. I adore the decor and atmosphere in the restaurant it really is something else. Cosy and elegant.

For my starter I went for my favourite homous and pitta which had pomegranate seeds on top which packed for a fruity and delicious change to normal plain homous. My main was a red wine and beef ragu with pasta. I don’t normally have pasta when eating out as it seems like such a simple thing but it was delicious and certainly better than something I could ever make! It was a generous portion size and Scott had the finish a bit of it as I was getting so full.

For pudding it was the normal sorbet as there wasn’t any other dairy free options. It was nice and refreshing.


After a lovely sleep, we got up, had a shower and got ready to start the day. It was so lovely waking up with the incredible view over the city again. On this stay we had to set an alarm to get up early as I had work at 10 so we had to make sure we had enough time for everything.

We had the full English breakfast again which was a perfect start to a Sunday. A good breakfast can set the tone for the whole day, surrounded by beautiful art, decor and a relaxing atmosphere paired with a tasty breakfast certainly makes you feel happy, content and ready to take on the day.


Why not treat you and your loved one to a night away from home and have a relaxing time away with great food!

Also if you are celebrating Mother’s Day the Queens Road Restaurant have some amazing deals on. I certainly will be looking at going there and so should you!


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