Pizza and Cocktails at Basement Browns | Ad


Basement browns in Coventry has a special place in my heart. It has the best flavours for pizza with vegan cheese. They carefully choose their ingredients so that every mouthful is like a party on your mouth. Not only that but it’s so welcoming and has a really cosy yet edgy decor. It’s perfect for a Friday night out alternative especially now they offer cocktails. I’m not a fan of night clubs and bars much so something like this is right up my street.

Recently I headed over there with some of the Coventry Blogger girls for a much needed catch up and chill.acs_1597

This time I went I wanted to try some of their new menu so I went for the tandoori chicken with mushrooms, onion and sweetcorn. Then as a side I went for my favourite hummus and pitta bread. It was all incredible and delicious, the tandoori wasn’t spicy but had a nice kick, I’ve since been back and had the exact same pizza because it was so nice. I also tried a few of the new cocktails they had including my all time favourite the mojito.


Pizza and cocktails go perfectly together especially when paired with amazing company. If you haven’t tried basement browns before make sure you do! Let me know your favourite pizza topping in the comment below.


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