6 Things To Do Everyday To Increase Happiness & Look After Your Mental Health


Honestly times are hard at the moment with everything that is going on and my MH has taken a knock don’t get me wrong but its important now more than ever to put things in place to improve your mood and wellness. Here are my easy to do top 6 tips.

//01 Eat from the earth

Eating fresh real food can really make you feel better on your insides and also in your head. Knowing you are nourishing your body and giving it vital nutrients is super important. Try and have something fresh in every meal whether that’s fresh fruit on your cereal, a side salad to accompany your lunch or a tasty tray bake of roasted vegetables for dinner.

Top tip, roasted broccoli and kale are delicious. Simple recipes are important now as food is harder to get. Jamie Oliver is a good one to look at for recipes as he does a lot of simple recipes with only a few ingredients. You can also simply add some veg into your favourite comfort foods, Mac and cheese? Add some greens in it!

//02 Look after your head

With anxiety and stress levels probably the highest they have been since the last world war it is important to set aside a bit of time each day to refocus yourself. Just 10 minutes will do but do as long as you need. Meditation is a great tool, it’s about getting a healthy sense of perspective and understand yourself in a new way. Headspace is the top app for me. I do a bit of meditation each day and it really gives you chance to recharge and refocus.

//03 Get outside everyday

By outside I just mean not in the house, whether its setting up a picnic in your garden for lunch, going on a walk around a woodland area close to your house or simply sitting on your doorstep drinking a cuppa and watching the world go by.

The weather is luckily amazing at the moment and I do enjoy being out in my back garden. It is nice to have the sun on you but also its a good time for the kids to get all their energy out and tire themselves for bed. But if you do go for a walk outside in a woodland area remember to stay safe.


//04 Do one of those jobs you never have time for

Because, you do now. No excuse and when it’s finished you will have a sense of accomplishment and it will really lift your mood. Heres a few things you could do:

  • Sort out old clothes for charity and bag them up for when you can take them
  • Clean and organise the pantry and cupboards in the kitchen
  • Sort through your little ones toys on what they don’t play with to give to someone you know who has a younger child or again to give to charity
  • Gloss the doors and skirting boards
  • Clean your make up brushes and throw away old and expired make up
  • Tidy up the garden ready for spring, mow the grass, plant some seeds and get rid of the weeds

//05 Exercise and hydrate

No matter your fitness level (mine is very bad at the moment since I broke my foot) you need to look after your body, get those endorphins released and make your head happy. There are simple ways you can exercise while in the house, dance around while doing the housework, you can really work up a sweat. Youtube is a gold mine for exercise routines to suit all levels even doing something alongside the kids. Joe Wicks does a week day exercise routine for the kids which is awesome while they are being home schooled. Remember to stay hydrated and drink lots of water as well. Here are some great ones to check out.

//06 Off screen time

Hobbies are online a lot and it’s the world we live in now, it’s just how it is. But having time away from the screen can be really good for your mental health. There are so many things you can try to have a bit of chill time like:

  • Knitting
  • Wordsearches (I love them)
  • Adult colouring book
  • Sewing
  • Crochet
  • Sudoku
  • Writing a short story
  • Play a board game with you family/loved ones
  • Reading

These are a few things that really help me and I hope can really help you. Let me know in the comments if there is anything else you do to improve your mood!



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