15 Forgotten Film Favourites To Watch On Disney+


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It’s no surprise that Disney have delivered an incredible new streaming subscription Disney+ because well, it’s Disney. One of my favourite things is having every single Simpsons episode readily available to watch. My Halloween traditions of watching the treehouse of horrors while I have some home baked treats will be much easier now with them all on here. Lily is loving seeing all the different Winnie The Pooh films, Moana on repeat and some of my favourites like Brave.

Another amazing advantage of Disney+ is all those amazing films you forgot about that never really got the hype they deserved because new ones were released following them which blew up with popularity. Here are my 15 favourite forgotten films you should 100% add to your watch list and if you haven’t seen them before you are in for a real treat.

  1. Atlantis The Lost Empire
  2. The Black Cauldron
  3. Brother Bear
  4. Cheaper By The Dozen
  5. Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen
  6. George Of The Jungle
  7. The Haunted Mansion
  8. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
  9. Jack
  10. John Carter
  11. Oliver And Company
  12. Recess Schools Out
  13. The Rescuers
  14. The Sword In The Stone
  15. Treasure Planet

I’m sure you can tell from this list I’m a 90’s chick and it was certainly one of the best times and I love that it’s all coming back now. There are so many other amazing things on Disney+. I can’t wait to explore the documentaries as well I didn’t know that sort of thing would be on their but i’m thrilled! Documentaries are my jam.


Let me know your favourite from this list in the comments below!



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  1. Candice
    March 26, 2020 / 8:57 pm

    I absolutely loved cheaper by the dozen!

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