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Let’s face it as you get older nights in are definitely favoured of going out. Especially around holiday periods because everywhere is just full to capacity. I say older, I’m still in my 20’s (just) and feel like a grandma sometimes. AND I LOVE IT. Bake cakes, take up a hobby like knitting, plan all year how you are going to garden and hate being around the youth of today who make you feel like you can hear your bones scraping together and wearing away.

So nights in are my favourite and I know it’s the same for a lot of you. Here are some ways to make Valentines night in more than just a takeaway and a cuddle.

//01 Set the mood

Think candles, blankets, flowers, dress up in your best clothes or your best lingerie (whatever you fancy) having a take away? Have it on the dining table and talk to each other.

//02 Floor cinema

Change up your normal whack on Netflix and chill vibe. Put cushions, blankets and maybe even an air bed on the floor. Get your favourite valentines snacks for films like popcorn or love hearts and put on a feel good film that will have you both laughing and enjoying the night. Maybe even make some home made cocktails together to enjoy.

//03 The food

Take away is perfect for a night in, get it delivered so you don’t have to leave the house. Dodo pizza have the cutest and very insta-worthy heart shaped pizzas for Valentines and you can get a heart shaped pizza, wedges and garlic bread all for only £14.99! Make it a cheap night in and save some pennies. Use code ‘HEART’ in the checkout.

//04 Board game time

Play couple games, you can cheap ones online which will give you some time away from screens and give you chance to show your competitive side. You could have forfeits for the loser and prizes for the winner.

How are you spending Valentines day this year? Let me know in the comments below!



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