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From a meal out there are 3 things that make it perfect for me, good food, good company and a cosy atmosphere. This is why I love The Harvester, I’ve always gone to The Harvester as it just doesn’t disappoint and I have never had a bad experience there thats for sure. Family friendly places like that make you feel more comfortable when you have your little one too. Sometimes taking a toddler who is probably going to throw food and shout occasionally to a fancy restaurant doesn’t end well. So places like this give me a bit more peace of mind.


The Elms in Allesley in Coventry has recently had a refurbish and it looks incredible. The place is so cosy, minimalistic and has a natural vibe going on which I love.

It is the perfect location next to the Allesely park so you can take your little one(s) for a play have a walk around and get knackered out then walk over to the cost Harvester for a delicious dinner and drinks. Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.

We went to see what it was like and luckily for me it was a Sunday so I of course opted for the roast dinner. I couldn’t have the Yorkshire pudding as it had milk in so I doubled up on roast potatoes instead. You can never have enough Roasties.

Lily had a children’s meal of sausage and mash with corn on the cob and a Yorkshire pudding then Scott went for a classic fish and chips.

All the food was cooked perfectly and filled us up nicely. We did also have dessert of ice cream and brownies and they have some delicious vegan ice cream now which is good news for me. However we ate them before I remembered to take any pictures. So you’re just going to have to take my word for it on how amazing it looked and tasted.


Have you ever been to The Harvester? Whats your favourite dish there? Let me know in the comments below.



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