7 Things I Want To Do For Lily As She Grows Up


I’ve always wanted to be a mum as long as I can remember playing with my Baby Annabelle when I was little to looking after my nieces and nephews when they were babies. With that in mind there is some things I’ve always wanted to make sure I do as a parent and do for Lily. Please note these are my parenting style and not everyone will be the same. Please appreciate people do things differently. Here are 7 things I want to do and will be starting to do soon.

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  • Write her a letter every year or for significant milestones in her life in a book and get some close family members to as well and then give her them for her 18th birthday. I haven’t done this for her last two birthdays so I’m going to write a big one to start with.
  • Sometimes kids have mentally draining days just as adults do, so if Lily has one of them, I’ll do exactly as I do for me on a bad day but for her, run her a bath, get her some chocolate and make her favourite dinner to accompany her favourite film. I want to make sure she looks after her mental health as well as physical
  • Again when she’s a teenager I will do something similar for when she’s on her period, those times can be awful and I know I struggled with school, exams and periods that had me crippled in pain in bed all day. I will get her treats, magazines and something to pamper herself with when that time comes so it’s not all bad.
  • Take her out to do things for the planet and to help others, there are always events/charity things on your help others and do clean ups and help the environment so I will go with her to do those things, I will enjoy it but it will also look good on her school applications and give her a sense of philanthropy and why it’s important.
  • Put money in her ISA as much as I can, this will be a lump sum for her to have when she’s older which can help with university or a new car. I will also give her the option to put it in some of her birthday money as well so she learns to save up early on.
  • I am currently researching my family history with help from family members and also the ancestry website. I will share this with Lily and encourage her to look into what her history is. I know it’s a common thing in America but nowadays and in the U.K. it’s not really something people think about. I’m still in the early stages so hopefully find something interesting.
  • Once she’s older, maybe like 7-10 years + I want to take an annual mummy/daughter trip away. So we can do girly things, talk to each other, let her know she can open up to me and just have some good one on one time. It could be something we then always do and could open it up to other female members of the family to come with us like her nanny etc.


What things are you going to do for your children? Any other good ideas? Pop them in the comments below.



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  1. February 1, 2020 / 3:28 pm

    Such lovely ideas 🙂

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