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Lets face it January is one of the tightest months of all. By the end of it you are wondering how far you really can stretch that £3.46 in your bank account. We are nearly over it now though! We did it!

We all need to be a bit more careful on how we are spending and don’t realise there are simple and easy ways in order to save some extra pennies or pounds. Here are a few things I do that could help you.

Shop at Aldi or Lidl

These places aren’t news but people still get shocked at how much they can save when they go there instead of some of the bigger names. I got 2 weeks worth of food from Aldi for about £70. If I went to Tesco or Asda I could easily be paying double the price. If you haven’t been to these places yet then head on down and compare receipts, you will be pleasantly surprise.

Compare broadband deals

Hundreds of people pay more for their broadband simply because they don’t shop around. They go to a big company name and think they are getting the best price because of all the fancy advertising. It’s all a lie, have a look on comparison sites and you could save yourself some serious dough. There is even introductory deals with gift cards for up to £80. You can get 38mb average speed for £20.90 and so many other amazing offers.

Honey Automatic Vouchers

Honey is a simple thing you add to your browser, whether it is Safari, Chrome or the other ones. It automatically finds the best internet discount codes and then apply them to your basket. So once it is installed you don’t need to do anything different, just shop as normal and save money.


A simple way to save buying lunch everyday is just to simply take lunch with you. The easiest way that causes less washing up is just to make a bigger dinner portion and keep some aside for your lunch the next day.

Go for free days out

Museums are one of the best things to keep toddlers busy, they always have things for kids to do. You can spend hours going round, having lunch (which you have taken with you) and enjoying a whole day out without spending any money. As long as you can get your child out of the gift shop before they spot things they want.

What other ways do you save money? Let me know in the comments below.



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