How To Build Your Own Blog

Blogging has blown up over the last year or so. People are now reading blogs more than they ever have before. Some people only read blogs when they need to know a little bit of information, therefore stick to the more informative blogs. Some people have bloggers that follow every single day, waiting for them to put a new post up to see what they’re doing with their lives. A few years ago, not everyone would know what a blog post was, but now due to the popularity of it, everyone is reading them. Often, people read them without even realise they’re reading a blog.

They’ve searched for a question, and often the answer is going to come up somewhere in a blog post. So the fact that blogs are everywhere now has created a huge surge of people wishing to set one up. Whether it be for fun or to use it as a money maker, it’s not always easy to understand how to set one up. Even if you get how to set one up, you might not understand how to grow a blog so that people other than your family are reading it. So, we’re going to show you how you can build a blog that’s great to read, and grows from strength to strength.

Personal Or Money Maker?

This is the first decision that you should be making. A lot of bloggers set up their blog with the intention of it just being a personal blog, and only wanting a place on the internet to rant and rave. But unintentionally, it can lead to a little money maker. If you post enough posts, and gain a small following, small brands will end up wanting to work with you. Even if it just be a review post, they come flocking. Then it builds up from there until you’re making money from an avenue that you never expected. But that’s only if you want it to be that way. You can always say no to collaborations, and keep your blog personal. Even if you are working with brands, you blog will still be personal, it might just be that you’re posting things about products and days out, rather than about your own life like you might start out doing. We think the best thing to do with a blog is to just go with the flow. Don’t put pressure on yourself to write anything that doesn’t interest you, and if you want your blog to grow to the point where you’re working with brands, it will naturally get there!

Reaching Out To Brands

Reaching out to brands is so important if you do want to go down the route of collaborations that pay you a nice amount of money. There are two ways that you can do so. You can be more invasive and send out blogging business cards directly to the brands. Glue dots and dispensers can be used to stick small business cards to an attached piece of paper, with a short message to tell the brand about your blog and your intentions. If you were to send this out to both big and small brands, we know that at least one of them would get back to you with interests of collaborations. Another quick and easy way is to spend your time reviewing their products and tagging them in posts when you share them to social media. Brands are always active on social media!

Style Of The Blog

Then you need to think about the style of the blog that you want, and how you’re going to execute that. First we think it’s important to establish categories that you’re going to consistently post in. So it could be travel, mom life, beauty, anything along the lines of that. You don’t want to have too many categories as some of them might end up a bit empty, but you can use tags. So for example if you’re doing a travel post and did a lot of walking and eating healthy, you could tag it as healthy living, rather than having a healthy living category if you know you won’t typically post much in there. Then for the design. There are tons of designs out there to choose from. If you have a techy person in your life, they might be the best for helping you to set one up. Paying for a theme in the beginning is better than trying to change your blog around once it’s full of posts. We’d also recommend finding someone to do a banner logo for you. You will no doubt have seen some inspiration for those if you’re an avid blog reader!

I also have a blogs beginner guide if you would like it please message me directly or drop me an email!



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