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As a parent, we feel that we need to give our children as much of an essential education in life as possible. And when we look at the things our children learn in school we may very well feel that a lot of these things are pointless. And as such, it can be a thought that enters our mind and leaves soon after, if we can help our children by giving them an extra sort of education. But is this actually viable? And would you even want to do it, especially if you’re struggling to make time for yourself already?

It Doesn’t Have To Be Education In The Traditional Sense

Take inspiration from various school field trips that it’s getting away from that classroom structure and immersing your children in something else. If you feel at your child’s school isn’t giving them what they need you have to try and fill in the gaps. Ultimately, you know your child better than anyone else, and this means that if you’re trying to educate them in a different way it doesn’t have to be about forcing books upon them. Instead, you can take them to a museum or somewhere that can stoke their imagination.

I take Lily to museums already often and she loves it and learns things even at 2. So it’s something I will continue to do to help her when she’s at school. You know what your childrens interests are, and if you can find a way to gradually shoehorn something else that is linked with their interests then you might be doing a better job igniting their interests.


Using Holidays Appropriately

For many children, the summer holidays are the perfect excuse to run riot but the big problem that they have when going back to school is that it’s a big shock to the system again. What we should do is to structure appropriate learning and playing. This may seem counterintuitive but to make sure that your children get the benefits from downtime (without you feeling that you are going mad in a hectic household) is to give them things that can benefit their education without them realising it.

The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to get them to work around the house and to plant trees or dig up the garden. It’s the little things that can help them to appreciate everything in different ways. It may not necessarily be useful for their GCSE in geography it can still give them hands-on experience. Also teaching them about real life things they won’t get taught at school like budgeting money, why it is important to save and things we are adults struggled to teach ourselves.

Life Is A Classroom

As our children may feel bound by strict academic structures giving them extra education in life is something that we can spearhead. It seems that schools educate our children in the academic side of things but not necessarily life skills. This is where you can help. Instead of giving them homework you can give them tasks in life to complete which helps them learn about so many different things. Taking them on a day trip to somewhere else gives them an exposure to a different type of culture. It’s the little things that we can underestimate when we look at our kids’ education in the traditional sense. Some schools work hard at developing life skills but some are still behind the times. And if you feel that there are parts of your child’s education that needs addressing, it’s your responsibility.

What do you think? Do you have an extra tutor for your child or help them more outside of school? Let me know in the comments below.



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