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To say I’ve had a rough week this week would be an understatement. My little Lily has had hand, foot and mouth disease and our whole routine has been turned upside down. She spent the last week either, crying in pain, sleeping or laying on the sofa watching Disney movies. She barely ate and only since yesterday has been eating solids again which I am so happy about. I was getting so worried.

Luckily just as Lily was recovering and starting to feel herself again, she spent the night at her grandparents and me and Scott were invited to The Ramada Hotel in Coventry. I know this is my home town but I do love a staycation. Also I’m planning on branching out more into travel and camping posts in the new year so watch this space. The Ramada is a 4 star hotel and has an incredible restaurant ‘Queens Road Mediterranean Kitchen’ situated on the ground floor by the lobby.

We arrived and excitedly explored the room and it was beautiful, we were on the 15th floor and I just couldn’t get over the view. It was incredible and made me see my city in a whole different way. It looked so much more inviting and alive from up high. We were in the suite which had a lounge area, kitchen area, little nook with a table and chairs for eating your room service. The bedroom was attached to the lounge and had it’s own TV to watch films in bed you could rent off the TV (Toy story 4 for £3.50! bargain) Then the bathroom, bathrooms are just basic, what you need etc. One of the things that did stand out was the mirror. It had a heated patch about a normal persons head height which didn’t mist up after a shower. I thought it was so cool, I need that in my bathroom.

You can see me exploring the room on my instagram stories in more detail here. There is a Ramada Coventry highlight so you can see it all there!


After we settled in and face timed Lily and Scotts parents to make sure she was okay, we went down to dinner in the restaurant. They have their festive menu on so I couldn’t say no to that. The restaurant is decorated beautifully and has quirky royal paintings but instead of people they are dogs and I just live for it. It is fabulous. You don’t have to stay in the hotel to eat at the restaurant so if you fancy popping down for dinner why not try it! Find our more here.

I had a white wine spritzer to start and opted fr the chicken and beetroot salad for starters. It tasted beautiful and all the ingredients complimented each other. It was a perfect start to the meal. Fresh ingredients all cooked perfectly.


My main was of course the classic Christmas dinner. Turkey, pork, stuffing, potatoes and vegetables all drowned in some flavourful gravy. These kind of dinners are what makes my heart happy and make me feel cosy and are almost sentimental in that they remind of family time and being happy. Again it was all fresh ingredients, cooked to perfection and seasoned nicely. The only thing that would of make it 10 out of 10 would be if there was a pig in a blanket as well.

Dessert was nice, nothing to shout about. The options I had as dairy free were fruit or sorbet. I would recommend looking into something a bit more of the chocolate variety but without dairy in or a crumble or something as much as it was nice and refreshing it was a shame there wasn’t a lot of choice.


After a good nights sleep and something me and Scott both needed from having a poorly toddler before hand. We woke up refreshed without broken sleep in a very comfy bed. A lot of times I wake up in hotels with a sore back but not this time. I felt rested, happy and ready to start the day.

Breakfast was the wonderful buffet of pastries, toast, cereals and an English breakfast. It was filling, so nice and all the staff were really attentive and polite. As you walked in the smells just hit you and you could feel your belly rumbling ready for the first meal of the day. They brought me a coffee which I think was a nice touch rather than getting it yourself, I had it black as the coconut milk they gave me curdled a bit so I just had it without. Having a buffet breakfast where you can help yourself I think really helps anxious people and picky people as they don’t have to ask and change lots of things. Also its just a wonderful part of a staycation or holiday.


It was an incredible stay and I would 100% stay there again. Even if you live in Coventry it is a little break from everyday life. Being in the Ramada hotel I didn’t even feel like I was in Coventry to be honest. It is perfect for a date night after the theatre or cinema as well as a nice little get away with beautiful meals for a Valentines or anniversary treat.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel in your home town, if not why not? Let me know in the comments below.



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