It’s Panto Season! | Puss In Boots At The Belgrade | Gifted

Panto season is the best and I am so happy that Lily came with me this year. We had a mummy daughter date to the theatre. I was worried about how she would sit. She’s never sat down in one place so long unless she’s asleep.

As we sat down in our seats and I plopped Lily down on her seat booster so she could see what’s going on we were both looking around at the sheer incredible detail and beauty of the stage, the glitter everywhere it looked like a wonderland. One thing every year that amazes me is how much they put into the detail of the stage and scenes. It all looks so magical and you can easily get swept up in the story.

It started with a poof and then a fairy appeared and Lily was just entranced and so ecstatic. It was adorable as soon as anyone came on stage she would be like ‘hello’ and when anyone went off stage even the villains everyone would boo and she would just wave and say ‘byeee’ it was so nice to watch her enjoy herself.

The only thing that niggled at me was that you didn’t really see Puss in boots all that much, it was mainly about the other character which I really don’t mind I adored the show but was strange the character the show was named after wasn’t in it all that much.

The writer and Dame Iain Lauchlan is always one of the best parts of the Coventry panto’s for me along with Craig Hollingsworth. They have incredible banter and are just a joy to watch


Puss in boots is on at the Belgrade until 11th January so you still have plenty of time to see it! See more about it here.

Whats the best pantomime you’ve ever seen? Let me know in the comments below



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