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I was so lucky to then discover The Cool Pots Co in Coventry. April who is the founder and  runs the workshops is one of the nicest and relatable people I’ve ever met. The fact she gets to do this for a job is a dream. She makes all the pottery and then brings them along to different workshops and events where people can design and paint their own pottery.

I thought this was such a lovely concept and then set up a workshop specifically for my Coventry Bloggers group as I know a lot of us have felt stressed and struggled a bit lately and this would be a nice relaxing event to throw in the mix.

April offers all different kinds of workshops from painting and prosecco nights to bumpkins for Autumn which I think is awesome. You paint your little ones bottom and press it on a plate to then be painted as a pumpkin. I definitely want to do this with Lily but I feel like she wouldn’t let us haha.


For the blogger night I organised we painted mugs and coasters. Everyone was so excited and thinking about what designs they want to do. I wanted to go for a spooky theme as Halloween was coming up. We pencilled our designs on roughly first then started painting. I opted for a sponge effect as my mug was going to be a night sky with stars and a moon then some text saying ‘Resting Witch Face’.

The days before the workshop my anxiety and stress levels were on high on my scale and it made more of a difference that I could ever of expected. I feel like this would be an amazing thing to do once a week and my stress levels could have a constant reset. It would be perfect. I think crafts and painting are a really good go-to activity for people with stress and anxiety issues.


I also wanted to paint the inside of the mug as I had seen some others do that and it looked so cool. April recommended a contrasting lime green so I put it on and loved it, the colours went together well and made it look so much better.

I can’t wait to do more things like this and it really is amazing for helping with anxiety and stress. Plus I love getting crafty and can hopefully take Lily with me as well to do it soon.

What creative things do you do to de-stress? Let me know in the comments below.




  1. November 18, 2019 / 2:37 pm

    I love the style of your mug! 😀

    I honestly can’t wait to get mine back this weekend so I can talk about it… As well as have my favourite beverages from it. 😛

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