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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…so goes the rhyme that most people don’t know! This part of the year is most exciting for those who love to celebrate Christmas, as the build up is just beginning. Sure, the decorations and food has been in stores since September, but it’s now – a month before the festivities – that Christmas is really taking hold. It’s the time of year where children can practically taste the magic that all things festive is evoking. Their eyes light up at the sight of the fairy lights in the shop windows. The songs on the speakers everywhere you go do nothing but raise a smile when it comes to the kids.

Christmas is a time of fun and magic when you’re a child. They believe in Father Christmas and everything that he represents. They believe in reindeer food and presents under the tree and parents everywhere want to do everything that they can to hold the magic together as long as possible. Children don’t stay little for very long, though the days may feel that way sometimes. While they’re small, parents have to do everything possible to keep their children feeling that Christmas magic, which is why they uphold as many Christmas traditions as possible. With that in mind, let’s look at eight ways that you can make Christmas as magical for your children as possible!

Keep Hiding The Gifts

Children believe in Father Christmas, which is why they love to watch movies on the TV and hear the stories about how he flies around the world in his sleigh to deliver gifts. They love to hear about the naughty and nice list, doing their best to be on the nice list as much as possible. The thing is, a lot of parents like to put gifts under the tree before the big day, and while that’s nice, it kind of rubs out a little of that Christmas magic. Sure, the gifts may be from friends and family and have nothing to do with the big guy himself, but that doesn’t mean that the kids have to see them, right?

Make sure that you sign off gift tags from you, your partner and Father Christmas, and keep them well-hidden when you buy them. Think of places your children won’t be allowed to go, and then use that as the space to hide the gifts. You’ll thank yourself for it when you see their faces on Christmas morning: sheer delight is often enough to carry you through the year!


Watch Christmas Movies

Is there any better way to open up a little of that Christmas magic than with Home Alone? Miracle On 34th Street? The Santa Clause? Nope. Get snuggled down with snacks and binge-watch some of the best Christmas movies of all time. Don’t forget the grown ups and watch It’s A Wonderful Life to truly know the meaning of family and love. Sitting down with the children to watch Christmas movies can be as magical as it gets for some families, so don’t be anything less than excited to do it with your own.

Go To Lapland

If there is one place to see the real (he’s definitely the real one!) Father Christmas, it’s Lapland. Here, in this frozen place, is where you can meet Father Christmas, see his reindeer and spend time in the thick of the Christmas magic. Sure, you may have to look into secured loans with Evolution Money to afford it, as Lapland holidays can be expensive, but it’s worth every single penny if it means seeing your children light up. They’ll cherish the memories that they get forever, and all it would have taken is an online booking to Lapland!


Talk To Father Christmas

If you can’t make it to Lapland, you can still get to know a little about Father Christmas by going to visit him in the malls. Almost everywhere holds special Christmas events that will make your children smile. You can avoid the crowds by downloading apps that allow your kids to have a personalized message from Father Christmas, too, so they can indulge in the magic even if they’re not a fan of busy malls.

Make Reindeer Food

Let go of the idea of a carrot for Rudolph, the next “in” thing is making reindeer food for the reindeer. The good news is that it’s not difficult: a cup of oats mixed with a cup of sugar should be enough, and you can add some edible glitter to help light the way for the reindeer to see where they need to go. This is the perfect Christmas Eve event that you can do together as a family as you get ready for the night ahead.

Track Father Christmas

Did you know that you can log in online and watch Father Christmas as he skims across the sky? Well, parents will know that by watching the NORAD website, they have their very own tracker for Father Christmas, and it can be the most magical way for children to “see” where he is before he delivers presents in their timezone. It’s exciting for parents, too, as children often bring back the excitement and magic that they once felt themselves.

Put Out Food

FC is flying a long way on Christmas Eve, so you and the kids need to get baking! Whether you go for cookies and milk or mince pies and brandy, you need to embrace a little tradition and make sure that Father Christmas has a snack to fuel him on his way. Children of all ages love this tradition, so it’s not one to miss out on!

Plan A Christmas Day Out

Check out the events that your town is putting on for children and really embrace the spirit. Some towns have the Polar Express train ride through for children to enjoy, where others have Christmas markets and mini pop-up villages to look at. Everyone loves to bundle up against the cold and walk the markets, so get the whole family involved.

What else do you get up to? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. November 22, 2019 / 5:46 pm

    These are lovely, I used to some of them when I was little and still have fond memories about Christmas. I might have to borrow a child this Christmas so I can pass on the joyful experiences to them.

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