Top 10 Things To Watch On Netflix | With and Without The Kids


With the kids

//01 The Lorax

I think I have lost count how many time we have watched this now. It’s full of colour, songs and funny characters. What more could a kid want? Even has an underlying message for the adults so give it a go. It’s Lily’s favourite film at the moment.

//02 Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

This is one of the cute programmes that Lily loves, she has a lot of the toys and always wants to hold and play with them when they are on. It’s about elves and fairies getting up to all sorts. It’s just a simple happy go lucky programme.

//03 Word Party

This is an easy show to have on the background for your little one to enjoy while you’re doing Mum things. Lily loves it, it is very upbeat, lots of songs and dancing that she gets involved with and then it also helps her with words.

//04 Despicable Me 2

I love these films anyway as an adult so I will happily sit and watch them with Lily. I think more than anything she likes the minions and that they laugh so much, when she sees them laughing she always laughs like she’s copying them but not quite sure what she’s laughing at. Despicable Me films are perfect for all the family.

//05 Shrek Movies

This is another one that I love and is perfect for all the family, there are some hidden adulty jokes in there which would go over the children’s heads but gives you a giggle. I’ve always watched the Shrek films, they have great story lines and songs and Lily gets really invested in the films. They have quite a few different Shrek films on Netflix and holiday specials so pop one on, you’re little one will love it!


Without the kids

//01 Pretty Little Liars

I recently watched this all the way through again and it is a series I watched before but almost got bored. I think it was waiting each week for a new episode it felt like the storyline dragged. But this time when I binge watched it, I was more interested and the storylines sucked me in a lot more. If you like things like Gossip Girl then you will love this.

//02 Brooklyn Nine Nine

This series is a given, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like it. If you haven’t seen it, where have you been? On a remote island with no access to the internet? It is incredible. It always makes you laugh no matter how many times you watch it. There isn’t a single character that you won’t love. They are all amazing and you will just full on belly laugh throughout.

//03 Derry Girls

I saw this around for quite a while before I gave in and watched it. But I am glad I am, it is set in the past but not too far in the past just not now. I would describe it as a funny Irish girl version of the Inbetweeners. You need to watch it guys.

//04 Friday Night Dinner

This show is another one of my loves and anyone I know who has watched it finds it hilarious. It has Will from the Inbetweeners in and it suits him very well. Its got a lot of dry humour and I don’t think it would be for everyone but you should certainly give it a go. It’s easy to watch, perfect to pop on after the kids have gone to bed and you let out a big sigh as you plop on the sofa with a hot chocolate.

//05 Bad Education

This is my sort of comedy but I know it won’t be for everyone, if you like Jack Whitehall you will love it. In it he is a teacher who’s only friends really is his class which gets him into all sorts of trouble and hilarious situations as well as getting bullied by the school bully even though he is the teacher. I think this is a very underrated show and more people need to watch it.

Let me know your favourite things to watch on Netflix in the comments below, I need some new things to watch!




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  1. candice
    September 12, 2019 / 12:32 pm

    I’ve actually been wanting to watch Derry Girls.

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