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Flawless skin is the dream of many, but it really doesn’t have to be a dream. Whether you’re prone to dull, lifeless skin like me or you suffer from breakouts, or even if you’re dealing with acne, there are skin health practices that can and will work for you. Here are some of the most effective:Limit Face-Washing

You might think that washing your face often is the healthy and hygienic thing to do, but it could actually be counterproductive. Many soaps and facial scrubs contain harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin and even irritate existing skin issues, which is far from ideal.

Even just using water on your skin too often can have a drying effect because it will strip your face of natural oils that keep it looking plump, smooth and radiant. Wash twice a day max and use a gentle natural cleanser for optimum results.

Use Oil-Free Products

If you’re prone to acne or breakouts, the last thing you want to do is add excess oil into the situation, because although a small amount of oil is good for skin, too much can prove disastrous. What you should do is try to use oil-free cleansing products, which are often labelled as nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic. These won’t clog your pores.


Eat a Healthy Diet

It might be a cliche, but beauty really does come from the inside out, in more ways that one. If you want to maintain healthy, plump, younger-looking skin now and in the future, you really do need to drink plenty of water – being dehydrated can dry out your skin and cause a dull, wrinkled appearance – and eat lots of fruits and vegetables which contain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. Healthy fats like avocados and salmon are also very important because they contain omega-3s which keep the skin plump and moisturised.

Medication and topical solutions

For some people, their skin problems are such that they will need a more serious intervention. If, for example, you have serious acne and nothing else you try is getting rid of it, a topical treatment like duac acne gel or medication prescribed by your GP could be just the thing you need to see an improvement in your skin.

There is also some evidence to suggest that eating low GI foods, especially in the form of added sugar, can be a contributing factor to breakouts and acne, so they are best avoided, or at least eaten sparingly if you’re serious about looking after your skin.

Wear Sunscreen

It should go without saying that if you want to protect your skin from premature ageing, and more importantly, protect your self against skin cancer, you should always wear sunscreen. Many people think you only need to wear it on a bright sunny day, but really, you should get into the habit of wearing it every day so that you are always protected from UV exposure.

Dry Brush

Using a natural bristled brush to exfoliate dry skin is a very effective way of keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. It works by stimulating lymph nodes, promoting better blood flow to your skin, and is also an excellent way of unclogging pores and getting rid of dry skin. Just be sure to use a gentle moisturizer afterwards.

Apply Makeup Hygienically

If you’re prone to breakouts, it’s really important that you apply your makeup hygienically. Not only should you not use your hands to apply your foundation, but you should ensure that makeup brushes and sponges are cleansed regularly and replaced after a few months. Alternatively, you could use cotton swabs and disposable applicators. The key is to avoid introducing more bacteria than absolutely necessary to your skin. Yes, that means disposing of makeup before it starts to get funky too; it may look fine, but if you’ve had that pressed powder for years, it needs to go in the bin.

Remove makeup

If you’re in the habit of leaving your makeup on after a heavy night on the town, you’re going to want to change that. Not only will it clog your pores and give you breakouts, but it could dry out your skin and cause irritation too because so much makeup is full of harsh chemicals. It really doesn’t take very long to do but it could make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin.

If you add these tips to your existing skincare regime, you can be sure that a few months from now, your skin will be smoother, healthier and more radiant than it has ever been before



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