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I was kindly invited to Go Ape recently which is in Coombe Abbey Park in Coventry. Coombe abbey is a very popular park within the city with a big play area for children which Lily adores, beautiful grounds which are very well kept along with a wonderful lake filled with all sorts of ducks and swans loving life waiting to be fed by little hands giving them grapes and seeds. Saying that, remember not to give bread to birds! It upsets their tummies. It also does have an incredible hotel which is beautiful and mysterious maybe a few ghosts knocking about, you never know!

Coombe Abbey had an addition of Go Ape which is full of adventure and every thrill seekers dream. Now, I wouldn’t describe myself as a thrill seeker, I’m not really interested in walking along tree tops and doing  big drops holding onto a single rope from said trees. Although I was invited to Axe Throwing which is one of their new activities and it really intrigued me.

It was very well conducted, our instructor Shelby went through some important safety details to make sure we didn’t get hurt and realised how dangerous it can actually be and was really encouraging throughout the whole session. She was so lovely and really easy to get on with which made the whole experience so much nicer. She showed us the different ways in which we should throw it so not to hurt ourselves or others and then we got stuck in.

It became a friendly competition between me and Scott as I got the first axe in (wahayy) Although that quickly turned around as I had almost a natural spin on my throws that I couldn’t quite shake so Scott very quickly took the lead. There were different games we played as well going with the friendly competition. My favourite was the Battleships, you put some stickers on your opponents board and they do the same for you then you have to aim your axe and try to sink the battleships. The first one wins! It looked as though I was close to winning but alas Scott won in the end.

Each session is an hour and it really is something I think everyone should try, it is a great laugh, not something you would normally do and I know you will want to go back again. I loved it and it really is a great stress relief and like a mini work out that you don’t realise your doing.

You can find out more and book in on the Go Ape Website here. They also have Go Ape in different locations so see if they have one near you as well.

Would you ever try axe throwing? Let me know in the comments below



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