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Congratulations on getting into the university (or one of the unis!) that you applied for. It is an achievement! It took quite the effort to qualify for this stage, so a big well done should be heading your way from everyone you know. You did all you could during your schooling years, and you pushed yourself during those pesky A-Levels; you now get to enjoy all of what university life has to offer. The stereotypical uni student is viewed as quite the slacker and the party animal with an occasional bout of genius – you now get to fall into that category for a few years!

I will be looking at going back to uni (but online) to do a degree next year so I can be a student with you guys, but not always have all elements of the student life, seen as I’m still a mum and work. For most people, university life is a completely new situation. An entirely different way of living and a massive step up from what they’ve been used to. If some students don’t apply themselves or don’t prepare, then they can have quite a difficult time. While these years will likely be some of the best of your life, you still need to prepare for them, fail to prepare, prepare to fail! If you’re a fairly inexperienced person in terms of independence, or you feel as though you’re somewhat naïve as you approach this new stage of your life, then don’t worry because you’re like a lot of new arrivals! Here are a few things you could and/or should do before its gets underway. 

Familiarise Yourself With The New Area 

If you’re attending a university that’s in your town or city, then you should be fine! However, the majority of university students flee the nest and move all over the place. It would be a good idea to completely familiarise yourself with the new town or city before you move there. Believe me; you absolutely do not want to get there and not know the first thing about the area. Some people enjoy being thrown in the deep end, but having that prior knowledge will do you a lot of good. Plus, it’s a great way of creating that mature and disciplined mentality and behaviour. Have a look at local groups and meetings of things with similar interests like blogging, knitted or theatre, there is something for everyone!

Look For Accommodation Fast  

There will be lots of people looking for a lovely place to stay, so you might want to use your initiative and get in there fast. Whether you’re looking for student studios on campus, or whether you’re looking to rent a place a little further away, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re in there quickly. You may struggle to find something if you leave it too long, and those you do find may not be up to the standard you require.  

See What Jobs Are Around

Some students are very fortunate in terms of their financial situation, so they don’t have to worry about working in order to stay alive! If you’re not made of money, you should probably have a little scour through the area and see what convenient part-time jobs are available for you. Not only will you get the money you need in order to get through the days, weeks, and months, but you’ll gain that valuable experience necessary for the real world. 

Learn How To Be Sensible With Money

Okay, being a uni student might mean that you throw some money down the drain. You do need to enjoy yourself as well as study! You might be on a tight budget, though, so managing your finances will be necessary at some point. Make sure you’re not a complete idiot with the limited moolah you have at your disposal. 

If You Can’t Already; Figure Out How To Cook

This is pretty obvious, but we’ll talk about it anyway. You cannot simply rely on fast food and other takeaways for every single meal – you need to know how to make some stuff, too. Again, you’re going to be a mature, independent person from here on in, so you’ll have to act like it! Get your friends or family to cook with you. Watch YouTube tutorials. Buy Cookbooks, Jamie Oliver ones are my favourite! Do what you can to learn. Fortunately, it’s not that hard, so you should pick things up quickly. 

Do Grown-Up Stuff Every Single Day! 

If you’re somewhat of a timid person, then you might need to do things that are out of your comfort zone. The whole process is probably going to be out of your comfort zone, so it’s wise to do smaller bits that can build up your confidence. If you’re a youngster, then you’ve probably not done a big food shop before – head and do it; you’re going to be doing so many times over the next few years. Your parents are going to be there for you anymore!  



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