Fantastic French Food At Bistrot Pierre | Gifted Review

The French have always fascinated me, I love their way of life, the food, the simplicity and happy go lucky attitude they have. How they look at meals and every aspect of life just intrigues me and I would love to live in France or just regularly visit there I just need more travel funds. I’ve even been learning French on the Duo lingo app recently in preparation for my plans to hopefully be a regular in France showing Lily the world. In the mean time, Bistrot Pierre in Coventry is a little happy spot I can enjoy and try some wonderful traditional French cuisine.

For are appetisers we had bread of course, we tried the Fougasse which is a French style garlic bread and the Houmous with toasted pitta bread. All of it smelled incredible and tasted just as good. I could of sat there and ate pitta and houmous all day, it is one of my favourite things.

For mains I went for a classic French dish, the Boeuf bourguignon but opted for some roast potatoes rather than Mashed as it had dairy in. It was braised beef with shallots, red wine, mushrooms, bacon with pomme puree and honey roasted carrots. I have heard of this dish a lot it seems to be a go to for a lot of people which now I can see why. It was perfect, melt in your mouth with amazing flavours that all complimented each other. For me, this would be perfect on an Autumn/Winter afternoon or evening after you’ve been shopping and want something to warm you up, and warm your soul.

The desserts all looked glorious for me, due to my dairy intolerance my option was just sorbet, which although sounded not too fun, it was very tasty and satisfied that sweet craving I had. Scott who came with me on the other hand had the yummy looking brownie with ice cream. At Bistrot Pierre the food is top notch in my opinion and the whole vibe of the place just screams sophistication and authentic French-ness in everything they do. I am very pleasantly surprised at the price and although this was gifted you can get a 3 course lunch for £14.95 and a 2 course dinner for £15.95 I still think that is incredible quality for the price and a bargain. I would 100% be going back there if not just for the Boeuf bourguignon on an Autumn eve.

Have you ever tried French food before? What is your favourite? Also would you ever try snails! Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. September 19, 2019 / 11:33 am

    I am French so I know French food ( I live in UK) but even so this place sounds great . I heard about it but never try it before. Although my only criticism its Boeuf bourguignon ( the classic original recipe ) don’t come with mashed potatoes or roast potatoes but boiled potatoes.

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