Toddler Tantrums | Why I’m Not Getting Too Fussed About Them


Now Lily is two, I’ve heard a lot about the terrible two’s and how they are a nightmare. Now don’t get me wrong, Lily has been a bit more testing as she’s growing up but when I try to think about it there isn’t much point getting mad at her and telling her off unless she is putting herself in danger.

As parents we all occasionally lose our rag it’s inevitable but I really hold it in a lot because if she is sitting nicely playing and then I’ve made her dinner and she’s kicking off because she wants to play it wouldn’t be fair for me to tell her off for that. From her point of view she’s just enjoying herself and I’ve stopped the fun. She doesn’t understand and she will eventually, I’m not going to get angry or tell her off for silly things like that.If she does throw the little tantrums, legs stomping, arms hitting the floor I leave her for a few minutes to calm and then distract her with something else which pretty much nearly always works. Toddlers don’t want to have meltdowns, they want to play, laugh and enjoy life. They can’t cope or comprehend something so they act out and cry and scream. You need to show your child love and compassion and other ways to cope with things.


Lily is a good kid, she doesn’t purposely do things to p**s me off (95% of the time), if I ask her to give me something she’s picked up that she shouldn’t have, she can tell and brings it straight over. I am lucky and I understand that there’s still a lot she doesn’t quite get how things work, one of the only ways she knows how to get her message across is to cry so its’ just about teaching her different ways and helping her grow as a person. Then onto what I’ve heard is a threenager which sounds terrifying but I have a year til I have to deal with that and I will keep you updated!

How did you find the ‘terrible’ twos? Any good tips or tricks you can pop in the comments below?



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  1. August 25, 2019 / 10:18 pm

    I’ve always found ‘terrible twos’ very misleading- from about 18months to way gone 4 would be more accurate in my experience 🙈 i’ve got a 2 year old and a 3 year old (plus an autistic 9 year old who still has Meltdowns when things get too much for him) so some days are very trying but I agree humour, hugs and distraction work much better than being cross (if you can pull it off).

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