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At Christmas and birthdays I normally get something from Laura Ashley. I adore the brand, it is just everything I want and more. Elegance, class, floral patterns and it’s just so luxurious whatever it is. I was over the moon when I went to try the Laura Ashley afternoon tea. I had the vegan option which was spot on and I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. As the tea room did so well, they actually changed the whole hotel it was based in to a Laura Ashley hotel.


I couldn’t wait, I know it would transform the hotel which to be honest before was dingy and wasn’t appealing to go to. After stepping out of the tea room it as like a whole different world but now they have brought the whole hotel up to that level. I was kindle invited to stay over the night before it was officially open. I went along for a evening meal which consisted of Coventry’s major cutting the ribbon, having incredible food, chatting and listening to what I can only describe as angelic music from someone playing the harp. I went for the meal with my best friend Emma. The service was 20 out of 10 it was that good, they were so attentive, polite and quick with what they were doing. I really couldn’t fault them.

For the meal, my choices were luxurious and tasty. It was good smaller portions of top quality food. For my starter I had a vegan dish,  Mushroom Kiev, spring onion and radish. The intermediate meal was another vegan option as the other one had cheese which I cannot have. So I had Asparagus 3 ways with Lemon Oil. The main I didn’t have the vegan option and they kindly took out the cream which was a part of it so I could have it. I had Rump of Lamb with Pea and Baby Gem, Roast Shallot and Light Jus.


For pudding, I didn’t have it due to the evening getting on and Lily needed to get to bed. So after dinner, Emma went home and Scott and Lily joined me for a luxurious sleep. We cuddled on the bed and watched some kids programmes with some warm milk for Lily then she went to sleep. It was a long day so not long after me and Scott got in bed and went to sleep as well. It was a really comfy sleep. I normally wake up in hotels with a bad back but I didn’t this time. Also Lily hadn’t been sleeping great the couple of days before the hotel stay so I was nervous. She slept through though. I was very shocked and pleased though, must of been a comfy travel cot.

We then headed down for breakfast which consisted of a buffet style for the cold food, cereal, pastries, fruit and yoghurt. Then we ordered a full english from the service staff which were all so incredibly polite and friendly as always even when Lily was banging her spoon on the table waiting for rice krispies, toddlers ey?


Overall I adored it and it wasn’t too bad with a toddler but I may do a separate post on staying in hotels with toddlers! What do you think to the new hotel? Let me know in the comments below.




  1. August 1, 2019 / 1:41 pm

    I loved the new hotel. It has a lot of class to it and is a great addition to Coventry

  2. August 1, 2019 / 3:02 pm

    The food looks amazing! I love a hotel breakfast (even with noisy kids in tow 😂) – such a treat!

  3. August 3, 2019 / 5:05 pm

    Oh wow this place looks gorgeous! 😀 When I saw that it had opened I was really surprised as I didn’t even know Laura Ashley had a hotel chain around in the first place.

    This is definitely the kind of place I would want to go and stay in for a romantic weekend away. ^_^

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