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My day job is mortgages and people tell me all the time about how stressful it is moving house. I always say I understand but bloody hell I did not. It is crazy. I have just moved house and moving all your crap from one place to another is exhausting, we underestimated it and had 4 of us doing it. My muscles ached and it seemed like the stuff we had to move was never ending. It was raining most of the afternoon and I just embraced it because it was cooling and I looked like a hot flushed tomato. I’m in now, sitting on my sofa surrounded by a cardboard box towers like I’m in a box NYC and watching glee while doing life admin.

I know its a step in the right direction and it will be amazing to have a garden for Lily to play in. Also you know you’re a grown up when you get excited about having a pantry. I will be buying all the plastic free stuff and keeping it in jars. Yes, I’m gonna be that girl. Time to look at pantry inspo on pinterest now.


In other news, my baby isn’t a baby anymore, the broodiness is in full force and my little girl turned two! It feels like she’s been in our lives a lot longer than two years but I couldn’t imagine a day without her now. She is the light of my life and just brings joy to my soul. She had a relaxed and chilled birthday but got spoilt as expected. I will be throwing her a little birthday party with friends and family in the new house so we can make a big fuss of her again and she will get more presents. So she basically got two birthdays so she’s the real winner here.

Hopefully I will be settled and doing some more blog posts a lot more often so keep an eye out!




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