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Many weddings can feel quite formulaic on the surface. When considering the layout of this wedding adventure, you might feel as though you’re simply selecting a template to follow rather than deciding on the elements you actually want to see. To some extent, this is good. Tradition exists for a reason, and so following it can be just as worthwhile as subverting it. Selecting one from a limited number of wedding dresses is important, because you’re unlikely to craft the dress yourselves through your own means. But some do.

However, even if you wish to follow tradition, it can feel extremely desirable to put your own stamp on your wedding. One might consider this the equivalent between decorating your home with items found abroad or simply heading to the local furnishing store and purchasing their most popular items.

But how can we achieve this on a wedding day where every single decision can have a knock-on effect, and subverting the norm can get costly, very tedious and sometimes quite worrying? We think we have the answers. So, why don’t we begin?

Your Dress

When we select our dress, we can often think that our options are limited to a few different garments that fit us. But really, a wedding dress is only an advisory thing. If you purchase it, you can tailor it how you like, especially when visiting a professional seamstress or tailor. On top of that, accessories can also help you add a personal flair to your daily life. A headband, jewelry or perhaps even adjusting the dress to your body type can help you craft your own design, provided you don’t alter or damage the dress too much of course. The same goes for suits, and how they might be worn. 

On top of that, you might decide to fuse the normal expectation of a certain garment with a ceremonial option that you feel confident and comfortable wearing. It can seem surplus to requirements, but actually this can make a massive difference in how confident you feel, and how ‘you’ you feel. This last point is the most important. If you feel like you’re trying to be someone you’re not on your wedding day, you’re likely going to feel a little disconnected from the event around you. Sometimes it’s not about looking like the proverbial Disney princess or the knight in shining armor, but about honoring yourself, your partner and your family in the best way possible, by choosing something that represents you completely.


Many of us think that we need to opt for the most baseline and ‘normal’ entertainment we can at our wedding. A non-threatening, polite band willing to play the hits that everyone knows. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. Even if you’re extremely into drum and bass or heavy metal, most know that a wedding is not always the most appropriate venue for this kind of experience, particularly when you’re sitting near your grandma trying to enjoy your wedding meal.

However, why not opt for something that is completely part of your personality? Choosing a big bang swing quartet could be a wonderful option. Perhaps you know someone who is an expert violinist, and would love to have them play. Perhaps you and your partner are classical aficionados, and so would love some of the most wonderful and relaxing classics to be played. Perhaps a friend has solid DJing experience, and so you might ask them to provide the soundtrack to your wedding dance and party later on. A personal touch can often make all the difference, and give everyone a sense of belonging, rather than the formulaic options we feel we ‘should’ select each time.

Wedding Invitations

Some shrug off the duty of wedding invitations, leaving it until last, or at least to the point where they have finally deliberated about how should attend. When they send them out, it’s not uncommon for most to simply use standard wedding cards picked up from the local wedding retailer, or to use stock invitation cards just out of convenience.

Yet a wedding invite is a powerful thing. It is the first exposure to your wedding a guest will have, something that humbly requests their presence and hopes that they will come. It will offer a friendly hand, a smile and a reassurance that said person is thought about and coveted for their attendance. A wedding invite can also speak volumes about your personality, what the event will be, and the tone you’re going for. In some cases, theming them with your wedding decorations can be a great option for keeping the entire aesthetic tree cohesive.

It can often feel as though we have no choice over what wedding invitations we use. And yet with Pure Invitation wedding invites, you have a range of excellent options, some that are simply to die for, and others you can inform yourself. This allows you to take the complexity out of wedding invitation planning and instead focus on the themes and aesthetics that best represent you and your personality here. To us, that sounds like a wonderful and quite humbling thing to experience. It also sounds like fun. This in itself should offset the cruel pain of deciding just who to invite to your wedding, and who to completely dismiss for reasons you might not wish to outwardly justify. Who said weddings were simple, after all?

The Food

A wedding catering company will often have a list of menus they can provide for your event, with a couple of options to satiate those who might be picky or have additional requirements, such as nutritional allergies or certain diets, like veganism, that they wish to upkeep. However, discussion and collaboration, if done respectfully, can help you liaise with a catering company and help you add your own touch. Perhaps you wish to have a certain wine with the wedding, or a certain means or preparation implemented due to your cultural background. If you select the right food service, this can be a careful yet worthwhile inquiry to consider.

With this advice, hopefully you can better add that personal touch to your wedding.



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