Family Pizza Night with Dodo Pizza | Gifted


Summer evenings are one of my only favourite things of the warmer months. I love that it stays light longer and that we can chill in the garden, lily can play and we can eat dinner outside.One of the all time best takeout dinners is pizza. It’s a classic and you can’t go wrong. Although in some ways you can. Now I don’t have dairy not all pizza places make the cut with not having the right kind of vegan cheese.

Dodo pizza opened up in Coventry not too long ago and it was a lifesaver. Their vegan cheese is so nice, melts well and has a good taste. Not to mention everything else they do. The sides of chicken strips and wedge, the standard choice but they are so tasty.


We enjoyed these outside on a blanket and all digged in. It was a lovely evening thanks to Dodo pizza. There is nothing better than family time especially in the sun, seeing your little one running around laughing and smiling. It’s just the highlight of any day. The only thing to make it even better would of been an ice cold mojito!

We had the vegan overlord pizza, bbq chicken pizza, chicken strips and wedges. So no matter what your food preferences, there is something for everyone and no one needs to feel left out. They also have some vegan nuggets which I am dying to try on my next order!


Have a perfect summer evening with Dodo pizza for dinner they always have amazing offers on and sometimes even codes for an extra pizza. You won’t be disappointed I’m sure!

What’s your favourite pizza topping? Let me know in the comments below!


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