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This post is in partnership with Le Petit Bola. Lily is coming up to 2 years old now and the broodiness is in full force. I want another baby so bad. A little munchkin to cuddle and hold, as well as someone for Lily to play with and grow up with. I want them to have an amazing bond and have each others back no matter what. I have done some research as I was worried that I couldn’t possibly love anything else as much as I do her. Luckily my concerns were waved off like a boat leaving the shore. Everyone has said that having another baby doesn’t half the love to share but it doubles. I think that is so beautiful and who wouldn’t want more love in their life?

Despite the hard pregnancy I had quite a quick and easy birth, I was only in labour for and hour and a half and it was just incredible. I would have no probably giving birth again. You can read about the birth of Lily here.

I am concerned about my pregnancy the next time around as I really suffered the first time, I would need to do some preparations, get my health in order, get fit and have some conversations with doctors. I also came across pregnancy necklaces which sound incredible.

The pregnancy necklace is a harmony ball. It is a mum to be necklace the circle pendant has a small bell inside. The bell help puts the baby to sleep while in the womb with the soft and melodious sounds. The necklace originates demo Indonesia, regarding ancient customs, the Balinese pregnant women were used to wear it in order to keep the dark spirits away from their baby, and calm them down.

I one hundred percent think I would go there again, I would like to be in a better health position, potentially even have a house with a garden and I would love to try the pregnancy necklaces, they sound so interested and they are so beautiful. But for now, it’s not the right time. I wouldn’t be able to manage Lily and potentially being in bed being sick for months, it just wouldn’t happen. I would have to wait until the time is right. But I want my family and love to grow. I want to have a house of love, laughter, pranks, memories and everyone sitting around the dinner table for occasions having a home cooked meal or having BBQ’s in the summer. Maybe in a couple of years.

Would you ever expand your family? How big would you want your family? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. June 11, 2019 / 1:02 am

    What a gorgeous necklace! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Interested in doing collabs? xx

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