Fathers Day Gift Guide


Fathers day was always a day that would pass me by, most times I didn’t even realise it was Fathers day. I didn’t have anyone to buy for. Simple as that, although times have changed. Fathers day means something now, it’s a day to celebrate how amazing Scott is for Lily and that he is such a good day and helps me everyday with her. Now on Fathers day I have to pick out gifts and honestly I had no idea where to start.


When your little ones are littler you can more so just choose things you know they are after but also throw in a tacky Dad gift they have in card shops as well. I’ve compiled a list of things which would be perfect for Scott for Fathers day and I’m hoping it will inspire some ideas for you as well. Scott is more of a gamer/marvel lover so they will be angled that way.

One of my top presents would be a Pop Vinyl, you can get them at Forbidden Planet and The Entertainer and I’m sure other places but this is where I have seen them. They have a vast and amazing collection of little figures and it is such a fun thing to collect. There are so many I want as well.

The next is a book, I love books and reading but guys aren’t always really into reading so I think more fun or different books are better for men that aren’t always stories. The Tolkien A Dictionary is something really cool and all about Tolkien who wrote the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Games are always something fun, not just for kids! Big Potato Games have an incredible collection of games for adults and something like the Bucket of Doom is perfect to play after the kids have gone to bed. Your other half will love it! This is a comedy story game where you have to have to escape from some strange situations with weird and wonderful objects to help you along. The best escape plan wins!


Scott is a huge fan of Rick and Morty, I know a lot of guys are, so if your other one has seen it, one of the best episodes of all time is Pickle Rick and get him this Pickle Rick pillow of amazon and he will not be disappointed! Food can never go wrong for a present. Food is a way to a mans heart and that includes your dad! Grab him some of these out of these world beautifully designed Biscuiteers sets [gifted], they will seriously impress. They not only taste delicious they are something that will really impress and not to mention the tins are so handy to keep after and use!

Last but not least, my favourite. Get something personalised. Whether that’s a No1 Dad mug with a picture of the cute Dad and his kids or simply just a photo block/frame he can keep at work. Maybe a keyring? The possibilities are endless you can get everything personalised. I love the stuff you can get from Tesco’s Personalised Gifts section. They are great quality and have such a big range to choose from.


What would you pick up this Fathers Day? Give me some ideas for next year in the comments below!



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