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IPhones and MacBooks, let me tell you, they ain’t cheap.  They are beautiful and delicate, but not cheap. And more importantly not cheap to fix. As I am a blogger they are two very important pieces of my job that I use. I use them basically to run my blog/business/everything in between. I’ve not always been particularly careful with my laptop, it’s fell off my bed a few time but no major problems, no big scratches. Caseapp kindly gifted me some amazing covers for my phone and MacBook. As you can see, they look incredible.


Something that makes me feel so happy is customising things. Putting my baby’s face all over things to make me happy and see her face smiling back at me when she’s not with me. Caseapp have so many different designs so you can have a personalised phone case and a personalised laptop skin. I went for a customisable one on my laptop so she can spur me on and give me some motivation when I am losing it. Not only that but just seeing it makes me so incredibly warm and bubbly inside (love, not gas!) so it just makes my day that little bit brighter.

It feels really good quality and was so easy to apply. I  would highly recommend getting a MacBook skin to make your laptop stand out and show off your personality. You can get 20% off your order with Caseapp with my code EMILYCHAPTERS20 – try it out here. My next stop is to get a case to pop it in so its extra safe in my bag when I take it out with me.


I was thinking about getting another personalised design for my phone but thought I would try out one of their designs. They have SO MANY amazing ones to choose from that would suit pretty much everyone. I love helping people and if I can help raise a woman’s confidence in anyway so she can realise she is a bad ass girl boss then I will. Girl power is a big part of my personality I believe so I think this phone case is rather fitting. It also wants me to get my nails done constantly. Which I wish I could afford at the moment but alas I cannot so my phone case can have the glam nails for me. The case is so strong and sturdy. I really feel like it is protected well in that case and don’t need to worry about it. Have a look at the designs and if you fancy one get 20% off with EMILYCHAPTERS20.


Would you go for a personalised one or one of the amazing designs? Let me know in the comments below.




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