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Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day and I don’t often get to enjoy it due to work and other things going on. But sitting down, having some good food in good company is one of the best things you can do and a perfect way to start the day.

I was kindly invited for a gifted meal with my fellow Coventry Blogger girls and we ate, drank coffee, chatted and just had a good time. Ivy house is situated right in the middle of town and I’ve always known it was there but I mainly went there in my younger years, in the club in the basement for good times and drinking far too much alcohol. It has always had a special place in my heart as I went there a lot with friends to get through rough times and to let my hair down but I didn’t realise they did all this amazing food.So now I don’t really drink or get drunk but I can go back and enjoy some delicious and very affordable food. Ivy house is decorated beautifully and is very much so, one of the most instagrammable and hidden treasures of the city.

We were there to try the breakfast and I went for the vegetarian full English breakfast. It was very tasty, filling and so moreish. I didn’t realise the veggie sausages had cheese in so I couldn’t try them properly but I had one bite which was so nice and everyone else who had it seemed to enjoy them. Along with the sausages I got beans, toast, mushrooms, egg, tomato and hash browns. It was a really good portion for the price of £3.75 I was so impressed!

As I didn’t get to try the sausages properly I opted to try some of the lovely pancakes as well. They have two choices here Nutella chocolate pancakes and a very American style pancakes with bacon with maple syrup. Again these are a bargain at only £3.50 but they do have an offer on Tuesdays where pancakes are 25p each! When Lily gets older I think that will be a Tuesday tradition for us. I would of preferred the bacon like burnt to a crisp but that’s a personal preference I like bacon veryyy well done but a few of us were sharing it so you can obviously request that if you like me like it super crunchy.

I am certainly falling in love with Ivy House as a venue overall. The memories, the food, the super friendly staff who are so lovely to talk to. I also held an event there which was so fun and the cocktails were incredible, again some very instagrammable shots like this below with an gorgeous view of the city!

I highly recommend heading over if you haven’t already been there and give it a go! Let me know what you think and I’m sure you’ll see me in there at some point. What’s your favourite thing for breakfast or brunch?



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