Keeping A Positive Mindset


Let’s get this straight, being positive isn’t something you are born with, we naturally lash out and let our anger take hold of us. Sometimes it affects our health and makes us feel like we are suffocating under the bad stuff.

Recently whenever I get stressed it makes me ill and my chest tight, bringing on anxiety attacks and all sorts. It was not nice and I knew I had to change my mindset about it and deal with it better.It’s not worth letting negative people and situations affect your health. They just aren’t worth your energy. Think of your energy in a watering can and you can water and help grow some of the plants in front of you. I’ve learnt to put my energy into my happiness, my family and my personal growth. I’ve not been watering negative situations and people I’ve just been doing my own thing and it feels like a weight has been lifted. I deal with stress a lot better and am positive 90% of the time.


It’s hard to explain but something just clicked. I’m 27 at the moment, I’m not in school anymore so I just don’t entertain any school yard drama. I’d rather focus on my family and what I enjoy. As cringe as it is you only live once and I don’t want to live my life surrounded by bad stuff. I want to grow, explore, spend time with loved ones and do what I love.

After I had some coaching sessions with the wonderful Vix she helped me and explained some people just take take take in a relationship or friendship and it takes your energy and some people are just your people and you know who they are.


That was a real turning point and I started to notice things around me different and which people were taking my energy and which people were lighting it up. Vix is a breath of fresh air and really puts things into perspective and helps with things even outside of blogging in my case. But in turn my blog in my opinion has really improved and things are only going to get better. I really feel that this year is my year. I have already grown mentally and emotionally and feel a lot more content.

Please note these gorgeous earrings were gifted from TT’s Studio where you can get these amazing vegan leather earrings. She has so many designs and my favourite of course would be leopard print.

Have you had that shift in mindset? What are your coping strategies for stressful situations? Let me know in the comments below!



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