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acs_0608-1acs_0606-1I’m not the biggest drinker, but I do have the occasional drink at events and parties, so when I do, it has to be perfect. Gin seems to be the hot s**t right now. Everyone loves gin and everyone wants all the different flavours they come in.

The event was held in The Box in FarGo and the venue is amazing and really instagram worthy. I would 100% love to hold an event there one day, it would be incredible.  There were 5 Gin stands set up, all looked awesome but I was really drawn to Dr Eamers’ Emporium first. The thing that brought me to them was they offered a Gin with the flavour Citrus Spice Gin.I thought it would be cinnamon and just basically taste of Autumn.I can confirm I was correct, it would be perfect to have on a chilly autumn evening. It had a good strong flavour and the cinnamon and cardamon were balanced perfectly with the orange and grapefruit elements to it.

However, when I was over at the stand I saw love heart sweets on the table. Oh goodness, they had love heart gin, I had to have it so I had a big ol’ glass which had ice and raspberries in and tasted perfect. Reminded me of my childhood. I also had a sample of the Raspberry and Pineapple gin that they had, this was a take on fruit salad sweet and it too was just amazing. They were certainly some of the best flavours I had in an alcoholic drink.

acs_0585acs_0584-1We then moved onto Brockmans Gin, which probably had the best salesman there. He was charismatic and showed you how to drink it best and went through the different stages so you can see the difference in the taste! That tiny bit of grapefruit made the taste completely change it was so weird. But it was amazing. I give him a 10 out of 10 for the energy and effort he put in, he even showed us a very cool trick with grapefruit and setting it on fire which was awesome.

The gin had a blueberry flavour which I really liked and then they gave you a little booklet with ways to make the taste change depending on how you prepare it, whether that is with lime, orange or grapefruit. It was really interesting.

The other tables we didn’t get chance to taste as it was quite busy and frankly I didn’t want to drink all that much. But they seemed to have a lot of custom and the people looked really happy. There was Staffordshire Gin who were handing out fancy cocktails and they looked so intriguing, not to mention the display that they had and the bottles were really cute.

British Polo gin was draped in union jack flags and made you feel patriotic just by drinking the gin they had. This particular gin has been the polo players choice of refreshment for over 150 years so they have to be doing something right! Dalma who I was with opted for the drink they had which was a mix of Prosecco and gin, I mean who wouldn’t like that? Every millennial will be lining up for it for sure! She very much enjoyed it and I think a lot of people opted for that drink that night too.

acs_0567-1acs_0570-1acs_0569-1Last but not least was the Wood Bros Distilling. They had incredibly nicely designed bottles. They are 6th generation farmers and 1st generation distillers. I do really like that the company is owned by two brothers and has that family feel and the farmer feel so everything about it is just good, warm and fuzzy. I unfortunately didn’t get chance to try this one but I wish I did, people were queuing up and I was very intrigued it sounds great and everyone seemed happy and ‘merry’. So it must be good.


The night was incredible there was such a good atmosphere, good drink and oh my goodness, the food was also incredible. There was the halloumi fries from Street Chef Lloyd who also offered vegan nuggets, which Dalma and myself shared. It was coating in a delicious sauce with a BBQ flavour and despite being £7 they were totally worth it.

acs_0604-1acs_0603-1What is the best flavour gin you have tried? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. April 22, 2019 / 5:23 pm

    Oh wow this looked and sounded like such an amazing event! 😀 I can’t stand gin personally and everytime I’ve had it I’ve felt sick afterwards.

    This being said at Christmas I tried a raspberry gin with lemonade and it was so lovely! I couldn’t get enough of it.

    I bought my mom some parma violet gin for her birthday at the start of the year. I really want to give that a go with lemonade as I’m sure it would be lovely. ^_^

    I know I say I don’t like gin but if there’s one gin I REALLY want to try it’s the Bubblegum one. 😀


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