5 Things I didn’t know about the toddler chapter

Lily is just over 18 months and technically a toddler as she well toddles about. There a few things I didn’t expect from this age range so here you go and get prepared.

//01 You will have snacks hidden about so you can eat them in secret while you toddler is distracted – whatever you eat is instantly theirs. You learn to get stealthy to eat that bar of galaxy.

//02 They fall over. A LOT. They are just learning to walk and then bump, they fall. It happens in seconds and sometimes it a bump on their bum with the nice padding from a full nappy. Sometimes it’s head first and you hear the bang before you realised what’s happened. It’s a very on edge time and you just want to put them in a padded room so they don’t hurt themselves.

//03 She is so impatient. Literally everything has to be instant. She sees a banana, she cries until it’s opened and in her hand. She sees her juice cup, cries until it’s full up and in her hands. I know they don’t understand and it’s coming up to the terrible twos but it’s just like GIVE ME A MINUTE. If you didn’t cry to distract me it would be done quicker.

//04 She is so big. I just don’t realise how she’s getting so big and I’ll see her in a new outfit or doing something herself and I just can’t deal. I need a newborn again. She amazes me everyday with how clever she is. I know this is so cliche but I just can’t deal with it!

//05 Be prepared to get ill a lot. Lily goes to nursery two days a week and it is like a germ breeding ground. They all get ill and still send their kids to nursery, then Lily catches it. Then I catch it. Then Scott catches it. I have rarely seen Scott get poorly but since having Lily he is poorly a lot more. I always catch bugs as well so we just all pass each other illnesses all the time. Grab your multi vitamins, eat healthy and try to avoid poorly people.

What are your toddler year tips? How bad are the terrible two’s? Let me know in the comments below!




    • April 4, 2019 / 10:14 am

      All so true! Owen is nearly three and they all still apply!

      The one that I think you have missed out is selective hearing – you can ask them to do something ten times, or how their day has been etc and get no reaction. However if you are in another room, with the telly on and you quietly mention going to the park, or open s packet of crisps they are straight there with you!

  1. April 4, 2019 / 10:46 am

    Enjoy the wins and forget the loses ( which feel way too often!) lots of cuddles and patience. Also lots of padding for the tumbles! I find that the twos were tough, but so were every year. Each has its own challenges, so it’s about letting Lily be who she needs to be to learn! Your an awesome mum, and Lily has a brilliant person to strive to be!

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