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I really enjoy Mother’s Day, I always have and I like it even more so now I’m a Momma and I get the gifts as well, it’s just an added bonus really. Around Mother’s Day a lot of tacky gifts come out which don’t get me wrong if Lily walked into to a shop when she was a bit older and really wanted to get me something like that I would love it to death because she choose it and she wanted me to have it. But for the serious gift, the one that dad or other Momma or whoever buys then listen up and you will win Mother’s Day.

//01 You can’t go wrong with cake

Everyone loves cake and if you get cake for Mother’s Day you can bet it’ll be a great breakfast for her. I mean how can you resist these beautifully made cupcakes from Hayley’s Cake Box. She does so many amazing cakes and the prices are really hard to beat. I’m going to be using her again for Lily’s birthday party in August because she’s so nice and tailors to your needs. So these are dairy free for me as I’m intolerant so I can eat them and enjoy them without having to worry about being poorly all day. Highly recommend if you are local to Coventry and need a cake soon or just fancy some tasty cupcakes.

They were beautiful decorated with Jam in the middle and just because there was no dairy they didn’t lack on flavour.

//02 Jewellery makes anyone’s day better

Whether it’s a handmade pasta necklace from the little one or a stunning piece like these two from Newbridge Silverware from the MoonKoin collection you are gonna make her super chuffed. I know I would be. A statement piece which is still elegant. Pink and rose gold my two favourite colours mixed, what’s not to love?

These two are really affordable for silverware and by getting something real that will last just makes it so much better than a cheap thing that will end up getting thrown away. When you get something like a statement piece get the real deal so in years to come they will put it on and think of you and what amazing taste you have!

//03 Fancy Flavoured alcohol to have after bedtime

When the little ones are tucked up in bed, a perfect evening consists of takeaway, Netflix and a Gin and Tonic. Gin has so many amazing flavours now and I recently tried one from FarGo Village at the Gin festival which any Momma would be happy to have. Love Heart gin, yes like the sweets! I know right? It tasted amazing and sitting down after a long day with a cold glass of love heart gin?

Takes you back to memories of scoffing them as a child but now your a sophisticated adult. You can pick it up from Dr Eamers’ Emporium. Oh and to top it off they do one that tastes like Fruit salad sweets too. I just need both right now and so does your Mum so you better head over! I know if I got these for Mother’s Day I would be over the moon!

What things make your top 3? I would love to know in the comments below.


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