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This up and coming restaurant in Coventry specialises in Nigerian and East African Cuisine. They have recently started a new project called “LovatPalms” which came from the combination of the restaurant Palms and the freelance food service “Lovatfirstbite”. It is a special lunch time menu only available between 12pm and 3pm, Monday to Friday, designed especially for people to come and eat during their lunch breaks, or students in between lectures or after lectures so they can relax.

It sounds right up my street because people can eat, have fun and relax through listening to music or playing games such as Jenga or card games, e.g. Blackjack, Chase the Ace or I Doubt It.

They are in the process of renovating parts of the restaurant to make it more inviting to the public. As well as having big plans like rooftop parties which I will 100% be at? Who doesn’t love a rooftop party? No one thats who.

I was quite hesitant to try the food as I had never had African or Nigerian food before, but I have been trying a lot of new food lately and finding favourites that I couldn’t imagine living without now. I had no idea what to expect but went in with an open mind which really helped!

I went along to see what they had to offer with Ed from work who eats this kind of food all the time and my blogger girls Natalee and Emily and what the food was like. I firstly tried some Suya, which is grilled beef marinated in an African spice blend topped with some tomato and onion.

I don’t really go for spice but this really surprised me, there was a kick don’t get me wrong but the beef was delicious, tender and just melted in your mouth. It was honestly some of the best beef I’ve ever eaten as I am not really a fan of that meat. I would go back just for some more of that to be honest.

With the new lunch menu there is a lot of choice at really good prices for the portion sizes they serve. They do all sorts from fried rice, jollof rice, plantain, wings, spicy turkey and a few more dishes! Such an amazing variety.

I tried the jollof rice and it was so tasty and perfect with some plantain or some of the spicy turkey. I had never tried plantain before and I really liked it, it was like a savoury banana. That is the only way I can describe it but it was very moreish.

I am already wanting to go back for some more Suya and jollof rice!

The staff in their are so friendly and talkative and really make you feel welcome. They have so many upcoming plans for the restaurant so it is certainly one to watch! If you have never tried it, go and give it a go, you won’t regret it.

I think people really need to start getting out of their comfort zone, myself included, I want to travel, try new food, see new things and just experience all the positive and amazing things this world has to offer because it is a lot. We stay in our comfort zone and never really live. I don’t want to get to 40 and be doing the same thing I was doing when I was 20 you know?


Have you tried any new foods lately? Let me know in the comments below



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  1. April 9, 2019 / 8:47 pm

    I LOVED this food so much! Especially the chicken wings and rice dishes! 😀 I could honestly imagine myself eating these dishes in the summer on a lovely hot summers day after work, with some cold drinks to wash it down! 😀

    I definitely want to learn how to make the rice dishes myself at work, ready for summer BBQs in the garden. 😛

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