New Homeowner’s Guide: Things You’ll Need In Your New Home*


When you first move into your home, it can be a few weeks of excitement, stress and making yourselves feel settled down in your new place. There are always jobs which need to be done in the house when you first move in, and more often than not you can end you forgetting about the important ones amongst all the madness. Well, here are some of the simple tasks you need to remember to do during your first month living in a house.


First of all you will need to properly arrange your furniture. You might think this to be a little obvious, but we can tend to stick things in random places when we first move in and this can cause issues later down the line. Make sure that you really think about the logistics of the room you are furnishing and put everything in a place which works for you and your lifestyle. It will be one less job to do and it will make things much easier for you.


When you move into your home you won’t magically have access to the WiFi. It will take a couple of days, but the sooner you can get yourself a broadband deal for your new home, the better it will be. We all seem to rely a little bit on the internet these days and it certainly isn’t something you want to live without!

Home insurance

Now that you own a place of your own you will need to start thinking about your home insurance. It is incredibly important to have home insurance from the moment you sign the contract as it will ensure that any damage to the house is covered when you move in. You can use this one stop shop to find quotes and also think about adding on contents insurance for your valuables and your furniture.

Energy provider

When you move into your home the first thing you have to do before you even unpack the first box is to check your meters and take a photograph of he reading it shows. This ensures that when you come to set up your energy it will be accurate to your usage and it won’t charge you any extra. With a lot of energy providers you will likely benefit from them giving introductory offers on prices, so make sure to take advantage of this during your first few months of having a house,

TV and phone packages

Of course, when you come to live in your home you will want to be able to enjoy a night in with a movie or your favourite box set, and this is where your TV and phone plan will come into play. Sometimes you will be able to get a bundle deal which gives you broadband, TV and a phone so look out for this because it could be much cheaper than buying them separately. Always be aware of your phone usage too and if you don’t think you need a house phone you don’t have together one.


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