Your Kids Might Need Your Help At School!*

How do you think your kids are getting on at school at the minute? Some children really do flourish, and going to school is one of the best experiences for them. But for others, the story is nowhere near the same. For a variety of different reasons, your children might need help through the school process. From both the academic side, and the fun side they that should be able to love and enjoy. As they get to the stage of going into highschool, you might notice that things get a little more difficult, but it’s nothing that you won’t be able to help them through. To make sure they have the best experience, follow this guide as to how you can help your kids at school.

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Getting Them Involved

In primary school, your children will most likely be into absolutely everything. All of the extracurricular activities that you could think of would probably appeal to them. However, as they get a bit older, the focus can sometimes be on the people they’re meeting, and socialisation. Little do they know, that the activities they can do as they reach secondary education, could very well boost their CV later on in life. For example, Leicester High won first place in this year’s young enterprise competition, and if your child were to say they were a part of something like this, it could look very good when applying to business university degrees. In secondary education, it’s all about sparking an interest into further education and good carers, and the activities that schools put on definitely do this. So, try and make sure that they’re doing at least one things, rather than just coming home and watching TV!

Academically Struggling

School is just not as easy as it used to be. There’s now so much pressure on children to achieve the highest grades, and go onto prestige careers later on in life. This pressure for the higher grade can really put a lot of stress onto a child that might be struggling. If you know yours isn’t meeting target grades, find out what you can do to help them. Maths is a common one for kids to struggle with, but there’s plenty of online learning that you can do at home to encourage them. All you need to do is spend an hour a night with them, keep them engaged, and they should be able to pick it up quicker. You could also ask the teachers for advice as to how you can help.


To know that your child is being bullied really is heartbreaking, because there’s little you can do about it. All you can really do is work closely with the school, and try and encourage your child to find new friends. If they have group they can gel with, it won’t bother them what others are saying. The best way to make friends at school is through extracurricular activities, so again, keep them focused on attending one of them.



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