The Body Shop Base*

I recently needed some new base make up. Of course the body shop popped into my head. I went in to town with the sole purpose of knowing that I was immediately going to pick up the Instant Blur Primer, I don’t really use primer, they always seem quite greasy, but I have heard a lot of praise of this product from bloggers, so I thought I would give this a try. I have also heard a lot of good reviews on the tea tree BB cream. I was a bit reluctant at first for the fact it had tea tree oil in.

I had a little talk to the staff in regards to the BB cream and was sold on this, not only does it give a nice coverage it also secretly fights blemishes which is something I do look for, I still feel blemishes cropping up, which annoys the hell out of me, to be honest. I feel these two products together are such a good base for me. For starters, the primer isn’t greasy at all and blends really well into the skin. It gives a lovely smooth and minimal pore look. The BB cream is quite thick and you really don’t need a lot when applying, especially if you are using a brush, so I can see it lasting quite a bit. It gives me the coverage I need while attacking those pesky blemishes, my skin even feels softer.

Big thumbs up. I think I will be trying to stick to this combination. The BB Cream is only £9 and the Instant Blur is £15, so £24 for a pretty much flawless base, is not bad at all! You can get great deals on the body shop on o2 priority and group on! Always check for a offer.

Have you tried these products? Let me know in the comments below.


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