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For a while I’ve longed for something interesting to happen in Coventry. Blogger wise anyway because it’s always Birmingham or London and train fare isn’t cheap. Plus you always end up going for food and things add up quickly. I’ve been waiting and waiting hoping something will happen. There have been a few small events which bloggers have been invited to but the turnout was never that good.

I got sick of waiting so I thought ‘F**k it, i’ll do it myself’. I started a Coventry Bloggers Facebook group and added about 5 people who I knew that were local and blogged that I had seen at previous small events. Since then it’s grew, immensely the numbers are over 60 and so many local places are interested in working with me to organise events.

I decided to do my own event where all the local bloggers could meet and well, mix. Sometimes people get shy so I thought this would be a good start so when we organise events with local shops and companies we won’t need to break the ice as much. I feel our event was a hit. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and really got on with each other. Which was exactly what I wanted so I’m thrilled.

I chose the quaint independent bakery and bar Backhaus&Co in Fargo Village. Fargo village is all about creatives so it is perfect for us bloggers. I reached out to some brands I work with a lot and they were really interested in contributing things for the goody bags. I will do a separate post on the goody bags and shout out to all the amazing brands. During the event we had the lovely Sophie and Hayley from Glazed Nails do nail art for the bloggers and also had a glitter station which was a huge hit.

I felt a bit flustered, not going to lie. I wanted to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves and that I managed to speak to everyone. I’m 99% sure I did and I had an amazing time. I got some wonderful tips from the fellow bloggers and they all seemed so happy I had made something finally happen in Coventry. I can’t wait to plan more events and work with more local brands. I want to grow Coventry Bloggers as it is my baby and I am putting my all into it.

Do you go to local events in your city? What is your favourite type of blogger event? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Marie
    October 15, 2018 / 8:21 pm

    I used to live in London ( lived there like 18 years) and less than 2 years ago I moved to Banbury (Costwold) and I miss blogger events etc. There is few but not as much as in London. Anyway I shall do like you and do my own event so that post really inspired me, or at least just do a meeting with other blogger around Banbury. we shall see. Thanks xx

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