Ideal Dresses from Dresshopau*

I love dresses, they really suit my figure and just makes me feel like I am dressed up and ready to party. A lot of my old dresses I have given to charity or threw away so I’m really on the hunt to get some more and fill my wardrobe back out. I want to look at different styles and colours and really try to come out of my comfort zone with dresses. I always go for comfortable and plain. I’ve been looking around and found Dresshopau. They have such an amazing range for inspiration.

My favourite colour is Pink so any pink dresses always stand out to me. They have amazing pink cocktail dresses and the one I am in love with is the lace homecoming dress below. It’ s a really flattering style so would hide any curves you didn’t want on show. It is perfect for a special occasion or even just a garden party with friends in the sun.

I have never really tried off the shoulder dresses because I hate my arms. I found in the one shoulder party dresses section on dresshopau this one that was off the shoulder but still had sleeves which I can get on board with. It’s black and loose but also has baggy sleeves which would make me feel comfortable while still venturing out onto a dress I wouldn’t normally wear.

In the UK we don’t really have a sweet 16 celebration for our birthdays, it’s more 18 because thats when we can drink! However the sweet 16 dresses can easily be adapted for any event or if you want to have a sweet 16, go for it! My favourite dress I found in this section would be perfect for prom or even to wear to a wedding in the spring/summer.

I want to get a few dresses soon and I have actually got one on the way as we speak! So excited. What is your favourite type of dress? Let me know i the comments below!


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