West Orchards Canteen Launch | Chopstix

I don’t go out to eat as often as I would like now, but I’m making it my plan to start this year to try new places and new food. I always go to the same places and have the same thing. So boring, I need something fresh and new! Coventry is really up and coming with a lot of stuff as of late. Due to being named City of Culture I feel we will have a lot more in store and I will be blogging about it for sure!

The main shopping centre in Coventry is West Orchards and has gone through a recent revamp in the canteen. It has a lovely modern edge, more seating by the looks of it and some new places there already or coming soon. One of the new places I saw when I went to the opening weekend was Chopstix, which is a noodle bar. One of my favourite meals is noodles so how could I not give it go!

I went for vegetable noodles with two toppings, black bean chicken and normal curry chicken (with some vegetable spring rolls on the side, of course!). It was £5.50 for a medium container which comes in the American style boxes. Very instagram worthy as you can see! I’ve always wanted to eat noodles out of these boxes since I first saw them in Friends on tv. I did think the price was steep but you get a lot for you money. I only managed to eat half and had the other half for dinner. It did me two meals which is really good. They have an amazing selections of toppings to go on your noodles and I’m already planning on going back to try all the different ones.

It was a really fun day, I went with fellow bloggers Amy and Jodie and my baby Lily who enjoyed her carrot crisps while we were stuffing ourselves with noodles. There were people skating around on roller skates giving out balloons to the kids and everyone was enjoying themselves and the food! If you live in Coventry or are coming soon, you should certainly go try Chopstix!

What is your favourite food to indulge on after you’ve been shopping? Let me know in the comments below!


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