Happy Mothers Day

It is my 26th Mothers Day as a daughter but my 1st Mothers Day as a Mother myself. This time last year Lily was a little speck in my womb and I couldn’t of imagined how much she would of changed my life. For the better of course. Being a mum has taught me so much.

Patience, if she has a poorly tummy or something is wrong the only way she knows how to communicate is crying when she’s so little. Lily was never a big cryer but when she did there was always a reason behind it. When I first had her and brought her home, she would cry and I would panic and cry because I didn’t want to fail her. As time goes on you learn what the different cries mean. I know her tired cry from her pain cry. It’s a learning curve but you need to be patient with them because they don’t know any better and rely on you. You also need to be patient with yourself, you will get there, it takes time.

Respect, now I know I am very lucky that Lily sleeps through the night and has done since about 3 weeks. I still get tired but I can’t imagine how the other mums feel when they are up every hour and then still need to get on with their day. I respect other mothers so much, it is hard work but worth every second. You can go through an hour or two of them crying, screaming and just generally not happy. They look at you and smile, snuggle into your chest and you just feel pure peace and love fill your whole body. Knowing how hard it is and your completely overwhelming love for this little person, makes you respect your mum a whole lot more. My mum did this 6 times, god knows how! It certainly makes your bond better.

The last thing is unconditional love. I never thought before I had Lily I could love someone so much. It breaks my heart when she’s upset and hurt. I just want to take that pain myself so she doesn’t have to experience it. I never thought I would love someone so much that poo’s, wee’s and is sick on me, spits up on me on a pretty much daily basis. I love to see how much other people love her, family, friends, it is just beautiful. Her smile lights up your whole life.

I’m going back to work soon and I just can’t bear being away from her so much. We need money for bills, I know. She also needs to socialise with other babies and people because she’s always weary of new people at first. I know it will be good for her. I hate when stay at home mum’s judge mums that go back to work. Sometimes we physically have no other way, we need to pay bills to keep ourselves homed, fed and clothed. That is another matter which I will not go into. This is a happy day.

The last thing I want to say is that being a mum is the best thing I’ve ever done. I can’t imagine how people abandon their kids, it’s just preposterous. So to all you mum’s out there that are bossing it every day. Also the dad’s doing both jobs and bossing it on your own. Happy Mothers Day, what you do is amazing and your little one will appreciate it always. I’m currently spending my first mothers day in bed, writing this with a sleeping Lily next to me. We are going to spend the day with family and full of love.

How are you spending your mothers day? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Amzyluise
    March 11, 2018 / 6:26 pm

    Aw those pictures of you and Lily are so precious! X congrats on your first mother's day xxAmyWritingintotheether.com

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