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My fitness levels have always been sporadic because sometimes I’m lazy and sometimes I’m not. Pretty simple. I do want to work on getting less lazy and exercise a few times a week. There are 3 types of exercises I mainly want to work on.

//01 Yoga

I’ve dabbled in yoga before and it’s amazing how much it helps you mentally and not just physically. You feel relaxed and it’s not a vigorous work out but you still burn calories and raise your heart rate which is what it’s all about right? I am going to get back into this by watching Tara Stiles on youtube. After my confidence is better and I’m back into the swing of things I will certainly be looking for a class to join.

//02 Running

This is a big one for me, I’m so unfit at the moment and running can really help your health overall. Lose weight, get fit, improve your cardiovascular system. There is nothing bad about running. Also, it’s free! I have running shoes but need to invest in a good sports bra for busty girls, any suggestions would be amazing!

//03 Cycling

Spin classes always look amazing and entrancing to me. The euphoria and high the people seem to come out with certainly makes me want to give it a go. I would certainly prefer cycling in a class than in the street, safety and all that. I can be very useless and clumsy when out and about. I do have a bike for going out on which I have a few times, but I would need to improve my fitness and confidence for sure first. If you need a new bike you can get cheap bikes all over the place.

What exercises do you love or really want to take up? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Ellie
    March 13, 2018 / 4:54 pm

    Going to the gym wasnt doing it for me and ive heard such good stuff about yoga!

    • drainedbeauty
      March 16, 2018 / 12:48 pm

      Yeah yoga is so good, I really want to get back into it 🙂

  2. Katie TJ
    March 15, 2018 / 10:02 pm

    Love this post I'm proper into the gym and trying out swimming at the minute x

    • drainedbeauty
      March 16, 2018 / 12:48 pm

      Oh i'd love to do swimming! Keep it up lovely xx

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