First post Of 2018 | Hello!

I know we are 10 days into 2018, I would of expected to have about 2 or 3 posts out by now. This year so far has been difficult and tiring. I was full of motivation and it’s still there to improve myself and things about myself this year. It has just been a bit side lined. Money is tight after Christmas, Lily has been poorly with Bronchiolitis which is worrying for any new parent. Not only that but I’ve caught some sort of bug, been really poorly and just got a bad cough now that I’m getting over. I am currently waiting on toe nail surgery which is booked in finally for the 30th January.

I feel like my body just got bombarded with everything. I had the bug, I have a sore toe and I came on. Which obviously meant, cramps, headaches and feeling hormonal. It is just so overwhelming when your body feels exhausted and constantly aching in some way. I’m finally starting to feel a bit like myself although I woke up this morning with no voice but I feel like I’m getting over all of the illnesses and issues.

I think today I will plan some posts, relax with Lily, she loves watching Peppa pig and ben and holly’s little kingdom. I also am going to start being 100% healthy and on it, I’m thinking of documenting and starting the youtube videos, but as I said before I need to give myself time for it. Being a full time mummy and adjusting to blogging and filming/editing can be hard.

It is a bit annoying I couldn’t be on it from day one of the new year but I guess thats life. Just because theres a different number at the end of the year doesn’t mean you need to completely change yourself and then beat yourself up when you fail. I’m not going to get upset about it, I’m just going to recover and then be on it when I am well enough to start.

I hope you have all had a better start to the new year! Bring on the rest of 2018, hopefully it will be a lot better!

Let me know how your start to the new year has gone in the comments below!


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